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    FT five a side

    I see you haven't lost any of that razor sharp wit. :roll:
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    FT five a side

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    FT five a side

    Cripplers? That's if you can get close to us. :wink:
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    FT five a side

    It's an amazing team I tell you. Youth vs Cripples. Bring it.
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    Andrew Impey

    You're right, during his last few seasons with us, he was neither a good defender or winger. As we changed from a 3-5-2 to a 4-4-2 he became a bit more exposed. He was decent at wing back because he didn't excel in any area, but had the energy to get up the right flank.
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    Where is the pride?

    I wouldn't prefer to lose in any way. We were allowed to pass the ball because Rotherham sat deep at times, then hit us on the break with Campbell-Ryce, who was amazing today. If we didn't have Stewart playing today, it could have been a lot worse. We simply don't look like scoring at...
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    out to pasture

    No, they're just players who can actually play football.
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    Player Ratings vs Rotherham

    Keown was able to match Nathan Ellington for pace when we played Wigan away, although some of that was to do with his excellent positional sense. He is quicker than Dabizas, Elliott, Heath and Dublin. You're spot on, Cobbo.
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    You cheeky fecker. :wink: I'm fine thanks Lazzer, hope you're all well. :wink:
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    Quite ironic coming from you......
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    Player ratings results vs QPR

    Thanks again to all those who voted, we received 12 votes this week. James Scowcroft was Leicester’s top man on the day with an impressive rating of 7.29. Nathan Blake continued to be a disaster and scored the lowest rating of 4.23. The 'Muzzy Izzet' Man of the Match award: James Scowcroft –...
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    Player ratings vs QPR

    Did anyone go yesterday? Let's have your player ratings please. Sheffield Fox is still getting his internet connection sorted, so I'm just collating them for him.
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    Player Ratings Results vs Burnley

    Click here to see the results
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    Taking Back Sunday

    Yeah, they're excellent. :)
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    Thanks to the large petty Private Message you sent me. Then having the cheek to say you would delete any forthcoming reply. Now, who's being childish here? There was no need for you to get involved in the first place. Maybe if you didn't poke your nose in to situations that don't affect you...