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  • Haha! I didn't think anyone took any notice of my posts on there.

    Ella Fitzgerald is great. Field Mice are an artist I'm only just discovering myself.
    Have you ever listened to the Magnetic Fields? They're my favourite ever band by a mile, they get compared to the Smiths a bit, because of the tongue-in-cheek lyrics (though they don't really sound too much like t.

    Me and 2 mates are planning on going inter railing around Europe in August for 2 weeks and just wondered if you had any 'helpful' tips and hints?! as nottingham fox said you did this last year?

    Where are good cities to visit? Anyone know any cheap hostels etc etc.

    We've been to Amsterdam and Prague before so will probably avoid those and get as far East as possible. Rough plan is getting dropped off in Calais, head to Germany then onto Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and maybe onto Bulgaria but that might be too far? Then back through Croatia, Slovenia, Northern Italy and France.

    Any advice is welcome!

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