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    No chance
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    Crap oppossotion crap prices. If anyone expected any differently they were having a laugh.
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    Espoo were poo!!

    The Shirtliff on the bench thing must have been a mistake. It must have been!! ?? I am worried??!!
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    think we are still missing a defensive midfielder

    I think Tiatto could play that role with Jordan playing left back. I sadly think Micky sees Jason Wilcox as our first choice left winger.
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    No Sense

    Don't agree with that, but he certainly isn't English.
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    Connolly Poised To Sign

    Whoever questioned his temprament has got ti wrong. He maons when he is not playing, personally I like a player who wants to play, but he runs his socs off Dickov/Savage style.
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    going or staying

    He was man of the match the week before and then he was asked to mark Jermaine Defoe. Why would you ask somebody of Taggarts pace to do that?
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    Best Overseas player for Leicester

    Pontus was superb player for us, but kept on getting injured. Theo never really got much of a run in the team. Steph Oaked kept playin instead.
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    New Keeper.....

    Or must be bollocks.
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    Play for your Club

    Come on lads we are having a half decent season, but it looks like Pompey could be going up. We kmnow we are nearly as good as them so keep going.
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    Danny Coyne leaving

    Okay fair enough, Maybe I am being irrational. It is just that on the surface a keeper like Danny Coyne who was rated as one of the best in the division should not obly be kept hold of, but if he is sold must have a transfer value of over 25k.
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    Danny Coyne leaving

    No seel the one you wuill get money for and who is on a big wage. Coyne is easuiloy good enough to be a first choice keeper in Division One.
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    Danny Coyne leaving

    This is an apalling piece of business. I am sure Coyne does wantot play for this club, he just doesn't want to sit on the bench every week. Micky is in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks we are going to get a better keeper for 25k. That does not even pay Matt Elliotts wages for s single week...
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    Word Association Game

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    Glastonbury Foxes

    Uou didn't leave this little present at Glasto did you Joe? Link should now work.