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  1. San

    Our Last Premier League Game- Some of you have Aged!

    Am i right that this was the our last premier league game? Some of you have aged!
  2. San

    Pre Match Watford v Leicester City

    Anybody know if we will get an increase in allocation? i was looking forward to this one but didnt get a chance to get a ticket. Does anybody know the allocation? How does the increase in allocation work? gutted!
  3. San

    Hunting In The Forest

    Does anyone feel taking 1 or 2 of the forest lads (yet again :-D ) for next season might help us? Kris Kommons and Gareth Taylor were probably the only thing the Trees had going for them last season, and in a struggling team, they did quite well. . . again they wouldnt cost so much and at...
  4. San

    Administration Period. . .

    I was reading the "Keeping The Faith" book Season 2002-2003...does anybody have any inside info as to which manager tried to poach one of our players during administration?
  5. San

    Ben Thatcher

    I heard on Sky Sports News that Ben Thatcher is moving to Fulham for £500,000. I heard about his house getting broken into a couple of times, and he was rumoured to be going, but for £500,000!!! Can someone refresh my much did we sell him for?? 50p was it? My word £500,000 what...
  6. San

    Dion Criticsm. . .

    With all the criticsm Dion has been getting, doesnt anybody think he should be getting a bit of praise? I think he has done well in the last couple of games, keeping the opposition out. I personally feel his best position is at the back. With him at the back i think we get the best of both...
  7. San

    Quincy Owusu-Abeyie

    I was at the Arsenal game last night against Everton i have to say Quincy Owusu-Abeyie is some player! I think we need to do everything we can to get him on loan. He wont get a look into the arsenal first team and experience in a lower division would do him some good. He had pace, power...
  8. San

    Arsenal - Final Day Of The Season

    As i was sitting with the Arsenal boys this was the view i got on the last day of the season. Does anybody recognise themselves? And can anybody spot Webmaster?? :wink:
  9. San

    Brazil or Jamaica?

    Alot of people are going to the game between Brazil & Jamaica but won't the atmosphere be a bit strange? i mean who will be singing what songs? i mean we cant exactly sing Leicester songs can we? :lol: is the ground divided between brazil and jamaica? does anyone know what time the coaches...