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  1. San

    Ticket for today

    I'll take it if it's still available? Thank you
  2. San

    Our Last Premier League Game- Some of you have Aged!

    Am i right that this was the our last premier league game? Some of you have aged!
  3. San

    Match Thread Leicester vs. Watford

    Anyone have a link?
  4. San

    Pre Match Watford v Leicester City

    Anybody know if we will get an increase in allocation? i was looking forward to this one but didnt get a chance to get a ticket. Does anybody know the allocation? How does the increase in allocation work? gutted!
  5. San

    The Midfield Partnership of Andy King and Danny Drinkwater

    hahahahahh quote of the year!
  6. San

    Pre 2012/2013 fixtures thread

    Re: 2012/2013 fixtures redbirds away
  7. San

    Post Match Norwich 1 Leicester 2

    Arsenal Away Please!
  8. San

    Play-off semi-final 1st Leg - City 0 Cardiff 1

    Re: Cardiff City - Play-off Semi-Final 1st Leg (Home) Cheer up lads, only half time yet. . . . .. . .
  9. San

    Barnsley 1-0 Leicester

    Re: Barnsley 1-0 Leicster I blame Mcgivern, he shouldnt have been on the bench, prat!
  10. San

    1-1 Ipswich (h)

    And a lorra lorra laughs along the way. . . .
  11. San

    1-1 Ipswich (h)

    I watched Forest Vs West Brom on Friday night, i still think we're quite behind in terms of quality, we need a creative midfielder and definitley a pair of new wing backs that bomb forward and look comfortable in doing so, McGivern is a joke, i get nervous when he touches the ball!
  12. San

    Doncaster **MATCH POSTPONED**

    Re: Doncaster Hahahahah Bocadillo if Sheff Utd has taken their chances i would've had my eyes open? There were certain aspects in that game where Ryan was out of position and looked suspect. Dont get me wrong im delighted he came in and done a job, but any opposition that had taken their...
  13. San

    Doncaster **MATCH POSTPONED**

    Re: Doncaster Are you serious? Ryan Mcgivern is the weakest link in the whole team. Completely suspect, very lightweight and no ariel ability. I would rather see someone like Oakley slot into the centre back role. Drop Mcgivern altogether he hasnt convinced me at all. shocking player.
  14. San

    Middlesbrough AWAY

    anyone have any commentary links for the game please?????
  15. San

    Middlesbrough AWAY

    Methinks: . ........ ......King............... Gallagher.......Oakley..........Dyer
  16. San

    Mattock To WBA

    I know the fee is undisclosed but how much are we talking roughly? 1.5-2 million?? Does his fee also go down as he handed in a transfer request therefore making it easier for W.Brom to complete a transfer? I personally think Mattock has great composure but will be too lightweight in this...
  17. San

    Cardiff Post Match Thread

    come on Leicester for the season
  18. San

    Cardiff Post Match Thread

    Come on Leicester
  19. San

    Steven Taylor Spotted In Leicester (Welford Road)

    Apparently we're getting Josh Low
  20. San

    moan in .....................

    hello guys, as i dont live in Leicester i was wondering whether that pod cast service was available for the phone in. Having trouble sleeping recently, i think it would be the perfect tonic for me to listen via my mp3 player. . .it would send me to zzzzzzzzzz within minutes!
  21. San

    Cardiff Match Thread

    i'm going to take myself for a walk. bye
  22. San

    Cardiff Match Thread

  23. San

    Cardiff Match Thread

    is walshy there? get him on upfront
  24. San

    New news?

    It says Josh Low is on the way back in a sensational double swoop with Junior Lewis once Milan takes over!
  25. San

    Our striker problem.....

    Bent, Joachim, and Ferdinand could all play a bit & i don't recall them getting any stick!
  26. San

    The 'Lets spend Milan's money!' thread.

    Another Josh Low on the left wing
  27. San

    Sheffield Wednesday Match Thread

    anybody have a commentary link??
  28. San

    Sheffield Wednesday Match Thread

    1-0 Josh Low
  29. San

    If Kelly goes...

    I'd like to see VIALLI
  30. San

    Feck off Kelly..................

    We've been missing that Steve Walsh character for some time, looking at the squad, i really cant see a Mr. Leicester City
  31. San

    Feck off Kelly..................

    GUYS, can i just point out just how tight that league table is, we maybe 3 points off the drop but we're only 10 points off a playoff place. We have a young squad and can't expect instant success. I think Kelly is a realist in terms that he wasn't getting carried away when we were on an 8 game...
  32. San

    Stoke Match Thread

    I thought Kisnorbo was great against QPR, especially winning all the headers, he will be missed tonight
  33. San

    Who is going to QPR?

    Oh yes, i'll be there, come on lets make some noise Robby Kellys. . . . . . . . . .
  34. San

    I Think It Is A Shame We Weren't More Patient

    i agree Reid is useless he will fire them up, then get bored and then open a bottle
  35. San

    Out Of These Names

    Someone mentioned on 606 that MON's assistants John Robertson and Steve Walford should come back as they're both unemployed...thats probably the best thing ive heard...well better than Brian Little and Bassett anyway
  36. San

    Out Of These Names

    What about Claridge? No Nonsense with the young guns....i suppose he's still inexperienced. . . we need another MON doesnt he have a younger brother? I say give the job to Dion!
  37. San

    Dion Signs?

    She was related.
  38. San

    Dion Signs?

    I think he just may have more important problems at the moment not concerning football dont you think? :-( :smt010,13319,5337_495973,00.html,,2-1634869,00.html
  39. San

    Hunting In The Forest

    Does anyone feel taking 1 or 2 of the forest lads (yet again :-D ) for next season might help us? Kris Kommons and Gareth Taylor were probably the only thing the Trees had going for them last season, and in a struggling team, they did quite well. . . again they wouldnt cost so much and at...
  40. San

    Wigan match thread

    anyone have the BBC Radio Player link?