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  1. Joe_Fox

    Worst case scenario alert

    If Chelsea win the Champions league AND Arsenal win the Europa league, whilst Arsenal finish fifth or lower in the league, the team finishing fourth in the Premier League are kindly given a place in the Europa League instead of the Champions League. You can bet your sorry asses that that will...
  2. Joe_Fox

    Knob recognition

    Did you know that you can use your knob to unlock your phone? Just register your knob as a fingerprint, and scan the old chap a few times to get it recognised. You can then rest safe in the knowledge that, if you are unfortunate enough to lose both your hands, you can still unlock your phone and...
  3. Joe_Fox

    FA Cup Quarter Final Draw

    7.45pm - Thursday 11th February Looking forward to it. Here are the numbers: 1 AFC Bournemouth 2 Manchester United 3 Sheffield United 4 Wolverhampton Wanderers or Southampton 5 Barnsley or Chelsea 6 Everton 7 Manchester City 8 Leicester City I think it will go like this: Leicester City vs...
  4. Joe_Fox

    The Board Game

    How many objects end in the word "board"? I played this at Uni before internet access was so widely available and I think we got to about 50! I'm start you off.... Bread board
  5. Joe_Fox

    LPL future

    Anyone fancy taking over the reigns on the LPL?
  6. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 38 Predictions

    Manure at home. It's something of a dead rubber in terms of who wins the league, but the hunt for the top four is still on for @Joe_Fox who needs a perfecto to overtake @jb5000 to scrape into the CLPL (which only occurs if Leicester qualify for the Champions League of course). It's been a long...
  7. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 37 Predictions

    Spurs 'away'. Penultimate match to predict. Good luck. Off you go....
  8. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 36 Predictions

    Sheffield Untied at 'Home' - interesting one here. Will Brendan prove he's got what it takes to turn us around after the humiliation at Bournemouth, or will the steel side of Sheffield prove they have more grit than us and 'do us over'. Time will tell.
  9. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 35 Predictions

    Bournemouth away. Go, go, go...
  10. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 34 Predictions

    Arsenal away. Off you go...
  11. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 32 Predictions

    Everton away. Good luck (you'll bloody need it!)
  12. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 33 Predictions

    Crystal Palace at home. Go for it.
  13. Joe_Fox

    Leicester Prediction FA Cup Round 4 - THE FINAL

    It's been a long time coming but here it is, the final of the LPFAC is here. @fox58 vs @Blaarev Two mighty men going at it for a chance of some virtual silverware. Exciting just doesn't describe it. Good luck to both of you. You know the deal. Predict the score, the number of corners, number...
  14. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 31 Predictions

    Brighton at "home". Go on then....
  15. Joe_Fox

    Restart of the LPL

    It all gets going again on Saturday. Get your predictions in here if you haven't already done so. Feel free to change your prediction if you want to. Good luck to you all.
  16. Joe_Fox

    Classic Leicester songs and chants

    For some reason Daydreamer Believer came on my Spotify stream earlier. I naturally started berating Mark McGhee (as any LCFC fan around my age and older would). Got me thinkin' - that song was in my opinion an LCFC classic. I thought I'd cause a bit of a welcome distraction by asking everyone to...
  17. Joe_Fox

    Any plumbers or water supply experts around?

    I have a quick question for you if so.
  18. Joe_Fox

    LPL Rounds 31-38

    Important notice to all teams @Blaarev @Brown Nose @camberwell fox @City Fan @fox58 @Funky Fox @Lako42 @jb5000 @pork pie fox In response to some feedback earlier in the season, and in the interest of fairness, your predictions for the final eight rounds of the LPL will need to be submitted via...
  19. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 30 Predictions

    OK, here we go again, Watford away. What doth thou foresee?
  20. Joe_Fox


    If estimates by experts are accurate that between 50 and 70% of the world's population get Covid-19, that means about 144,000,000 deaths (using 60% of 8,000,000,000 at a mortality rate of 3%). That seems a lot, doesn't it?
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  22. Joe_Fox

    LPL Progress Chart

    The following chart plots each teams progress over the 28 rounds so far. It's borderline interesting to be honest but thought some of you might like it...
  23. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 29 Predictions

    Villa at home - time for some revenge? It had better be! Off you go then @Blaarev @Brown Nose @camberwell fox @City Fan @fox58 @Funky Fox @Lako42 @jb5000 @pork pie fox
  24. Joe_Fox

    Leicester Prediction FA Cup Round 3

    Leicester City vs Birmingham City The remaining teams in the LPFAC are: @Funky Fox @Blaarev @fox58 As in previous LPFAC rounds, the scoring system is the same as LPL. Should Leicester win, the top half of the LPFAC table will progress to the next round, the bottom half will be knocked out...
  25. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 28 Predictions

    Norwich away. Who's going to be optimistic? Off you go then...
  26. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 27 Predictions

    Man City at home. Tricky one perhaps? Go for it...
  27. Joe_Fox

    @Jeff - I accidentally went to today (did a CTRL+Enter shortcut after typing talkingballs in the browser address bar) and interestingly, it redirected me to the Law Office of Emma J Hilton ( Whilst this is obviously not a bug, I just thought I'd let...
  28. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 26 Predictions

    Wolves away. And..........go!
  29. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 25 Predictions

    Chelsea at home - big, big game. You know who you are. What do you reckon?
  30. Joe_Fox

    Leicester Prediction FA Cup Round 2

    Brentford v Leicester City The remaining teams in the LPFAC are: @lesterboy @Funky Fox @jb5000 @fox58 @Blaarev @City Fan As in LPFAC Round 1, the scoring system is the same as LPL. Should Leicester win, the top half of the LPFAC table will progress to the next round, the bottom half...
  31. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 24 Predictions

    West Ham at home, interesting one. What do you reckon?
  32. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 23 Predictions

    Burnley away - what do you think?
  33. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 22 Predictions

    Southampton at home. Go for it.
  34. Joe_Fox

    Leicester Prediction FA Cup

    Wigan Athletic at home on January 5th 2020. All welcome. The scoring system is the same as LPL. Should Leicester win, the top half of the LPFAC table will progress to the next round, the bottom half will be knocked out. As it's likely that there will be some duplicate predictions, there is a...
  35. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 21 Predictions

    Newcastle away. Off you go then....
  36. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 20 Predictions

    West Ham away, what do you reckon?
  37. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 19 Predictions

    Liverpool at home. This should be an interesting set of predictions! Go for it!
  38. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 18 Predictions

    Man City away, go for it....
  39. Joe_Fox

    Leicester Predictions League Cup Round 4 - THE FINAL

    @jb5000 vs @MUSSWELL_FOX Who will win? @jb5000 who is mid table in the league, or @MUSSWELL_FOX who has been booted out of the league on the OPVIAS ruling. The Rules: As in LPLC Round 1, 2 and 3, the scoring system is the same as LPL. There is also a tie breaking system, as described...
  40. Joe_Fox

    LPL Round 17 Predictions

    Norwich at home. Off you go then!