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    Rob Kelly - stay or go after takeover

    do people think, since it now looks extremely likely mandaric will buy the club, that we should stick with RK, an unproven inexperienced manager, or get in a big name. personally i think we should stick with RK, the team spirit, determination and work rate displayed by the players recently...
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    do we really need a 20 goal a season striker?

    looking at a lot of the stuff written on here the past week or so the implication seems to be that having a prolific striker is essential to promotion or indeed even coming anywhere near the playoffs last time we went up though we didnt have anyone particularly prolific and the key was a...
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    1-25 million profit

    after hammond and humes fees that leaves a 1.25million profit 1.25 mil is a whole years wages of 3 players being paid 8 grand a week (i dont know what sort of wages our players are one but i would imagine todays deal probably covers at least 4 or 5 of them for the next 12 months) out of...
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    a good squad

    we get enough negative stuff (some of it justified to be fair) about players on here that i thought id say something positive about our squad we have a group of players at the club - williams 23, stewart 22, heath 23, connolly 27, stearman 17, dawson 19, maybury 26, de vries 29, gudjonnson...
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    Players following levein

    obviously it remains to be seen how leveins 1st 3 (if u include kisnorbo) signings will work out but it says something about the man that 3 players want to work with him again and if kirk comes thatll be 4. it suggests he had a lot of respect from his previous squad and that they really feel...
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    Leveins got it sorted

    its reassuring to see that hes focused on one of the big concerns we all have - loads of journeymen, no one properly playing for the club cos they feel an allegiance to it. never recall that happening under micky, he seemed oblivious to all the things we thought were issues
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    Lee Wilkie

    thought id start a new thread since he keeps popping up on various different ones what do people know about him beyond the fact hes been capped for scotland a few times?
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    can we expect more signings?

    can we expect anymore signings or is that probably it till the summer?
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    The Budget

    iv got a question - we were told the transfer budgets gone yet here we are making signings even though we must only have saved minimal amounts on shipping benji and blake out. im wondering if our budget has been increased by ticket sales? given that the club seems to operate on much more...
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    Micky Adams

    as we come to the end of another year id just like to say thankyou to micky adams for what he did while at the club. while i think his time at the club had run its course and it was right for him to leave the fact is he took charge of the club as it entered a very turbulent and uncertain period...
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    Team for burnley should be

    Taylor Stearman Keown Heath Stewart Canero (cos i assume gillespies suspended) Williams Gudjonnson Morris Connolly Benjamin/Wright - cos we simply need some energy and enthusiasm On the bench Dawson Nalis Dublin Benji/wirght Pressman
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    out to pasture

    i have tried to be positive this season and look for the good aspects of individual and team performances but i think we have to face facts - i wasnt at todays game but from what iv heard of the match and from the commentary it sounds a familiar story - a flat, lifeless, passionless performance...
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    half the wage bill just 4 players wages??

    on another post someone said half the wage bill now was just 4 players wages? does anyone know if this is true and if so who they are? i assume elliot and walker would be two of them.
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    our 3 main problems

    IMO we have 3 main weaknesses the 1st is blindingly obvious - an ageing squad, we need to bring through/get in some young players over the course of the rest of the season and next summer the 2nd is we need some continuity, there has been enormous and continual personnel change at the club...
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    i think he might finally come good, hes got ability, hes got enormous pace and just needs a manager who will do a combination of giving him the confidence he needs to perform and giving him a kick up the erse when necessary, i think levein might have those qualities. if gillespie even plays to...
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    As i understand it his contract runs out at the end of this season, who actually wants him to stay. personally if we're still in the fizzy i wnat him to stay because i think he puts in the effort, has improved and can score goals in this division. also a lot of people are saying levein is in the...
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    Did dave basset destroy mickys career at the walkers?

    I ask this because the sides basset selected while he was in charge were pretty much the same as mickys and included one or 2 of the more bizarre elderly signings micky made, also basset is meant to have had a big say in brokering transfer deals and curiously micky always had a rep for producing...
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    Dabisaz goal

    has that goal been officially credited to dabisaz? saw it on tv today and it looks more like an own goal, unless it went over the line 1st time.
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    Morris injury

    Anyone know how morris is doing - how much longer he's out for etc??
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    I HATE the mexican waves at the walkers we always always seem to have some sort of late panic when the wave starts up, im a superstitious twat i know but i think the waves responsible for most of the goals we've let in in the last 20 minutes at home the past 2 seasons
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    micky is still making strange decisions with regards subs and whose on the bench. as if wilcox or blake were going to turn anything around today - what was the point of bringing them on? and why hav such limited options on the bench, u want a couple of players who can come on and make an impact...
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    Bottom line this season - we miss muzzy, so much has depended on him the last 2 seasons
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    Breakthrough Season

    so which of the youngsters is gonna rise through the ranks and break into the 1st team this season? Personally im going for stearman simply because it sounds like the boys got talent and our ageing defence means there are more likely to be injuries that pave the way for him (unlike tommy wright...
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    Anymore new signings?

    Does anyone know if theres anyone else coming in or is that it (besides the possibility of gemmil). dont want to sound greedy but i think 1 more defender or midfielder would just about complete things - unless micky thinks the likes of dawson, butcher and stearman are good enough to provide cover
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    keeping the faith

    so far we have either signed or look likely to sign a total of 5 players (campbell,dublin, tiatto, wilcox, makin) this does lead to the unpleasant conclusion that micky really does have some obsession with experienced players and isnt willing to give youth a chance and would rather play a bunch...
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    i wanna know why it is that leeds WERE SO IN DEBT WERE TRYING TO GET A LOAN FROM THE BANK OF ETHIOPIA united seem to have managed to snap up one promising youngster and an accomplished midfielder with premiership experience (matthew spring and jermaine wright for those of u who dont know yet)...
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    i had a revelation tonight. i actually discovered i hate villa more than i hate forest. i think its cos theyr such a scabby football team who hav an illusion that they are some how still a big club and should be in the top 6 when they are really a pile of **** i think and hope they will be...