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  1. camberwell fox

    Holiday Farce - Advise?

    Hi all, Booked a LAST MINUTE holiday last night via a well known travel company <<<< to Portugal, on line. Went through the process of entering all details then confirmed, card debited to the thick end of £2k. Site 'hung' for ages. Then message appeared to explain that there wasn't a problem...
  2. camberwell fox

    Vichai Statue

    Hi, I've heard we (LCFC) are commissioning a statue of Vichai to be placed outside the ground. I am unsure as to how far this has got, or, indeed if it has been started. I just thought we should start a crowd-funding page to collect the money to pay towards (or all ideally) this as us (fans...
  3. camberwell fox

    Memorial Garden Images

    Shamelessely lifted from Foxestalk. I was quite uspet/moved watching that video. We have a truly astonishing Football Club. Here's also the link to the thread which has some images of note. Nice touch from...
  4. camberwell fox

    Points Tracker 2019/20

    Hi, 2015/16 is no doubt etched on our brains forever. During that season I decided to create a 'points tracker' to give an insight as to how we were shaping up. Well, this season feels special and although I dare not dream of winning it again I feel this season will be pivotal. So... Here...
  5. camberwell fox

    Our Amazing Owners

    Once again I find myself amazed at how well our club is run from TOP to bottom. We are incredibly lucky to be owned by TOP and his family and from reading many other forums we are in a totally unique position. Our owners have continually invested wisely on the pitch and on infrastructure. I...
  6. camberwell fox

    Pre Match Leicester V Newcastle

    This one is being played on Friday the 12th, 8.00pm kick off. Under the lights always feels a bit special to me and always enjoy the atmosphere of night games. Below are our recent results v Newcastle since 2014. Really looking forward to this one as it is my first visit to King Power this...
  7. camberwell fox

    Claude Puel Sacked Anyone got any info?
  8. camberwell fox

    Most joyous moment

    I was talking ot some footy fans at work the other day (mixed bag, Villa, Wimbledon and so on) and they asked me what the single most joyous moment was in my life... ...If my wife had asked me the same question, I would have to think quickly and lie.
  9. camberwell fox

    Bullying - Please help

    Hi, I am experiencing something that is alien to me and I would really like some input as to how to help me (and particularly my son) deal with it. He is 8, nearly 9 and started at a new school last September (2017). He’s having an awful time and is being bullied by exclusion and tonight it...
  10. camberwell fox

    Season Ticket Share

    Hi all, I was just wondering whether anyone else would consider a couple of season ticket shares? I have bought my boy to one Saturday game this season as we live in SE London. Weekday games are impossible due to school and so on so I was wondering whether someone had the opposite problem to...
  11. camberwell fox

    Ticket info - Swansea

    Hi, Just to let you know that LCFC has released a further ticket allocation to Home supporters for this match. This is due to Swansea not taking their whole allovation. Got 2 last night.
  12. camberwell fox

    Speculation FA Cup 5th Round Draw

    All the teams and their draw numbers: 1. West Bromwich Albion (Premier League) 2. Leicester City (Premier League) 3. Huddersfield Town (Premier League)/Birmingham City (Championship) 4. Notts County (League Two)/Swansea City (Premier League) 5. Manchester United (Premier League) 6. Sheffield...
  13. camberwell fox

    The Riyad Mahrez Appreciation Thread

    The guy is an absolute genius and I would say comfortably that he is the best naturally gifted player that I have ever seen don the beautiful Royal Blue of our Beloved Leicester City. I hope with all my heart he stays with us and doesn’t fly the nest, perhaps the new and invigorated style that...
  14. camberwell fox

    Post Match Leicester 0 Palace 3

    0-3 flattered us, could and probably should have been 3 or 4. Referee was absolutely on the money today as he got virtually every big decision spot on. N’didi dived and deserved his second yellow. Iborra shoved the defender just before he scored. The only big decision he got wrong was not...
  15. camberwell fox

    Pre Match Leicester v Tottenham

    A midweek fixture ‘under the lights’ which traditionally we have performed well in. Last seasons reverse didn’t happen so what do we think the result will be tomorrow? Living down in London and next to a Spurs fan is not ideal unless we put in a very good performance and take the three points...
  16. camberwell fox

    Pre Match Bournemouth v Leicester

    It's a bit ridiculous to have a must win game in September - but this fixture feels very important ahead of the week off Premier League fixtures. 4-4-2? I think we need to shake it up a bit...
  17. camberwell fox

    Craig Shakespeare -Football Focus

    There is a spotlight interview and info on Football Focus today on BBC1 @ 12:00pm. Please note 12:00 pm is the programme commencement time, I am unsure what time the Shakespeare piece will be screened. p.s. No new loans were attempted in or out of the window during the filming of this episode**.
  18. camberwell fox

    Pre Match Everton v Leicester (Sunday)

    So, this game reverts to a Sunday presumably so that it can be televised live. Having taken 15 points out of a possible 15 in our last 5 league games we have a selection conundrum. We now have 36 points and an away trip to Athletico Madrid on Wednesday next week so safety is almost certain so...
  19. camberwell fox

    Pre Match Leicester v Sunderland

    Tuesday night sees the visit of the leagues bottom team - Sunderland. They look dead and buried and certainly marooned in the bottom three seven points off third bottom. If we can maintain our form and momentum then a home win should be on the cards and this would put us on 36 points only 4...
  20. camberwell fox

    Pre Match Leicester v Stoke

    Well, back to the bread and butter job of ensuring survival. Although our form has dramatically improved since the departure of CR, we can't afford a dip in form again that could see us edging closer to the trap door of relegation. We have two home games in the league over four days with the...
  21. camberwell fox

    Predict the final premier league table

    On the BBC website you can predict the final league table very simply then post a link to it here, might be a bit of fun to do it and see how wrong we can all be?
  22. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Announcement

    All, My home PC crashed again last night and it looks terminal (I am very un-techie). The files in excel that I created to run the prediction league are also corrupted and won't open properly. As I have already attempted to get this fixed once and failed so am unsure if it is fixable at all...
  23. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Week 2 Predictions & Results

    Dunmow Fox Man Utd v Southampton 2-1 Stoke v Man City 1-3 Burnley v Liverpool 1-3 Swansea v Hull 2-0 Tottenham v Crystal Palace 2-0 Watford v Chelsea 0-2 West Brom v Everton 1-1 Leicester v Arsenal 3-2 Sunderland v Middlesbrough 3-1 West Ham v Bournemouth 3-0 Lako42 Man Utd v Southampton 2-0...
  24. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Week 2 Fixtures

    Friday 19/8 Man Utd v Southampton Saturday 20/8 Stoke v Man City Burnley v Liverpool Swansea v Hull Tottenham v Crystal Palace Watford v Chelsea West Brom v Everton Leicester v Arsenal Sunday 21/8 Sunderland v Middlesbrough West Ham v Bournemouth
  25. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Week 1 Predictions & Results

    Just a handful still to be received. Here's the ones this far: Orifice Hull v Leicester 1-1 Burnley v Swansea 1-2 Crystal Palace v West Brom 2-1 Everton v Tottenham 2-1 Middlesbrough v Stoke 2-0 Southampton v Watford 2-0 Man City v Sunderland 2-0 Bournemouth v Man Utd 1-3 Arsenal v Liverpool...
  26. camberwell fox

    Rules & Scoring

    Rules: Each individual to submit one set of scores weekly. The weeks games will be Saturday 12.00pm to games played on the following Friday. Please submit predictions in one lump rather than in bits and pieces. Predictions sent in after the deadline of kick off of that game(s) are not valid...
  27. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Week 1 Fixtures

    Please see below the week one fixtures: Saturday 13/8 (12:30 kick off) Hull v Leicester Burnley v Swansea Crystal Palace v West Brom Everton v Tottenham Middlesbrough v Stoke Southampton v Watford Man City v Sunderland Bournemouth v Man Utd Sunday 14/8 Arsenal v Liverpool Monday 15/8 Chelsea...
  28. camberwell fox

    Holidays With Children - Not All Inclusive

    Hi All, I was just wondering whether anyone would be able to help with advice/experience of where to go on holiday in Europe at a decent price in early August? Must have's: Swimming pool. Hot weather. Near village to walk to in the evening for food (as a family). Near a beach. Must not be...
  29. camberwell fox

    Prediction League 2016/17

    All, I am looking to run the completion again this year much along the same lines as last season. The 10 point bonus was clearly set too high last season so I am looking to reduce this to make it more achievable and perhaps add a 5 point bonus. Those who wish to partake please reply to this...
  30. camberwell fox

    The Incredible Season Records

    All, I mentioned earlier in the year that it would be nice to be able to go to a thread that has all of our records and achievements in one place: so here it is. I would really like to have stats and records kept so when perhaps we are not at the top of the curve we could take a glance at this...
  31. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Week 38 Predictions & Results

    Good luck! jb5000 Arsenal v Aston Villa 2-0 Chelsea v Leicester 1-2 Everton v Norwich 1-1 Man Utd v Bournemouth 2-0 Newcastle v Tottenham 1-1 Southampton v Crystal Palace 1-0 Stoke v West Ham 0-1 Swansea v Man City 2-1 Watford v Sunderland 0-1 West Brom v Liverpool 0-0 fox58 Arsenal v Aston...
  32. camberwell fox

    FA Cup Final

    congratulations to both Bocadillo and OkdGit who have reached the FA Cup final 2016 sponsored by viagra. The match itself is: Man Utd v Crystal Palace. Bob, could you please predict before Monday as your opponent is away late that week and if your predictions could end up as a tie then I...
  33. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Week 38 Fixtures - FINAL WEEK!

    Commentary to appear here a little later post tonight's games and tables.
  34. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Week 37 Predictions & Results

    The first batch: jb5000 Norwich v Man Utd 0-2 Aston Villa (R) v Newcastle 1-2 Bournemouth v WBA 1-0 Crystal Palace v Stoke 1-0 Sunderland v Chelsea 1-0 West Ham v Swansea 2-0 Leicester (C) v Everton 2-1 Spurs v Southampton 1-2 Liverpool v Watford 2-0 Man City v Arsenal 1-1 West Ham v Man Utd...
  35. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Week 37 Fixtures

    A bumper week of fixtures with the final 'catch up' games being played. Norwich v Man Utd Aston Villa (R) v Newcastle Bournemouth v WBA Crystal Palace v Stoke Sunderland v Chelsea West Ham v Swansea Leicester (C) v Everton Spurs v Southampton Liverpool v Watford Man City v Arsenal West Ham...
  36. camberwell fox

    Last Home Game Of The Season

    All, the atmosphere we have generated and heard this season (and last season to be fair) has been extraordinary. It has been commented on by opposing fans as well as the media and somehow I would like the last home game of this season to be a bit more special and memorable. Our players have...
  37. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Wek 36 Predictions & Results

    Thus far: OldGit Everton v Bournemouth 2-1 Newcastle v Crystal Palace 2-1 Stoke v Sunderland 1-1 Watford v Aston Villa 2-0 West Brom v West Ham 1-2 Arsenal v Norwich 3-0 Swansea v Liverpool 1-2 Man Utd v Leicester 2-2 Southampton v Man City 1-3 Chelsea v Tottenham 2-1 jas123 Everton v...
  38. camberwell fox

    Pre Match Manchester United v Leicester City

    Sunday the 1st of May 2016 @ 14:05, this is a date that will hopefully live in the folklore of LCFC forever. Never have I (of course we) experienced anything remotely close to this season and our remarkable climb from the depths of being bottom to being top just over a year later. We MUST...
  39. camberwell fox

    Prediction League Week 36 Fixtures

    Here are this weekends fixtures: Everton v Bournemouth Newcastle v Crystal Palace Stoke v Sunderland Watford v Aston Villa West Brom v West Ham Arsenal v Norwich Swansea v Liverpool Man Utd v Leicester Southampton v Man City Chelsea v Tottenham Good luck everyone, only two weeks to go after...