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    Should the players take a pay cut, so the non-playing staff do not have to?

    When we went into administration 18 years ago, I believe the players took a pay cut and/or a big deferral so that the non-playing staff could keep their jobs. It is absolutely mindless that the PFA can hold clubs to ransom and insist they pay full wages of £80,000 a week to non-playing players...
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    Pre Match Southampton v Leicester

    Morgan played really well against Manure. Maybe we should play him again instead of Evans next week, as I would expect Southampton to be a sterner test than Wolves at their place.
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    Barcelona and Catalonia and La Liga

    If the declaration of independence stays in place, does Barcelona get thrown out of La Liga?
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    Schmeichel up for Save of the Season on MOTD2

    Against West Ham. Voting closes at 11.15.
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    Mahrez up for GOTM on MOTD2 tonight

    From March 4th against Hull.
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    Nessun Dorma

    A friend of mine was at the match and said it was great to hear Nessan Dorma again at the stadium. If this is a regular slot, not a one-off, I thing it would be great as a pre-match anthem. However my friend said that lots of people wanted to join in and sing but did not know the words. Who...
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    Post Match Leicester 1 Manchester United 2 (community shield)

    1 - 2 Vardy, Lingard and a poncy Swede!
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    Vardy wrist

    Has he had the surgery to fix the broken bones in his wrist yet, or is he too busy trying to keep his look-alike stalker off his social media site So?
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    Pre Match Chelsea v. Leicester City

    Bubble has burst as far as our away supporters goes. Obviously not the attractive fixture this once was, now against a mid-table team 32 points below us!
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    Pre Match Leicester City v. Everton

    Everton will not be in party pooping mood for this one, so 5-0 to the Champions! As Huth looks as though he will get banned for this one, who will replace him? Big Was is the...
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    Spurs set new Premier League record

    9 yellow cards. Could not happen to a more deserving team!
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    Speculation Will Mahrez stay for next season?

    Vardy has committed himself for another 3 years. Mahrez is also a sensational player who will be attractive to big clubs not just here but in Spain, Italy, Germany and France. This is not a Cambiasso situation. Mahrez could become a Messi like player and be world class for many years to come...
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    Sky Sports Player of the month vote

    Is here to vote for Mahrez: Problem is the 500,000 closet Manure 'fans' worldwide who will vote for Martial!
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    PL Table

    As it sits easily in the right column, is it possible to have a GD column in there as well?
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    Our named 25 squad?

    So no Konchesky for this season. So who makes up the 25? How many spaces are left? This is last year's seniors plus our 2 new guys. I make it 4 spaces. Schmeichel, Schwarzer, Morgan, Wasilewski, Huth, De Laet, Moore, Simpson, Fuchs, Drinkwater, James, Albrighton, King, Hammond, Schlupp...
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    Annual holiday snaps of stadium pitch work

    Just to distract us from important questions like '"where the feck is our new manager?" The twist this year is extending the pitch to accommodate rugby posts and a 3G track. Anyone know how much time the...
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    Pre Match Rotherham v Leicester (friendly)

    We do not appear to have pre-match threads for friendlies, so here is my question for tomorrow. If NP is taking a different team to Rotherham and Morgan and Schlupp played tonight, does that leave our best available back four as De Laet, Big Was, Moore and Konchesky with no defensive...
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    Speculation After which match will we be confirmed as promoted?

    Now I know that we cannot truly confirm this until we see the results of nearly all the remaining matches to see how much other teams caught up or fell away. So for the purposes of discussion I will set the finish line, from historical data, as 90 points = Automatic Promotion. I am confident...
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    Are stalled contract talks now starting to affect performances on the field?

    We all know that with FFP rules most clubs including ours are wary about committing to long expensive contracts, but we are now just 3 weeks away from when our most valuable players could sign pre-contract agreements with other clubs. Whilst the likes of Konchesky might be just trying to...
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    10 Games - What is the verdict?

    I would be very surprised if there is a single City fan who could seriously argue that Pearson and the boys have not made an amazing start to the season. 23/30 points. 4 points ahead of the play off pack. 9 points ahead of the rest. Pearson has certainly got the players believing in themselves...
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    Formatting of Championship Table

    Hi Jeff, I am thinking the answer is no or you would probably have done it, but is it possible to format the Table feed so it does not look like we have 16 points from 75 matches?
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    Suspensions for Wembley Play-Off Final?

    Troy Deeney missed the first leg because of a previous red card. Do last nights yellow cards count? Could anyone get another yellow card on Sunday and miss the final, if we get through?
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    Pre Match Norwich v Leicester - FA cup

    Fresh approach needed to shake it up. Bamba and Morgan at the back. Include Marshall and Kennedy, if not cup-tied. Gallagher only if they are weak on defending set pieces, like we have been recently.
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    Is Leicester City Forum working?

    Hi Jeff, No posts have appeared since 4.52pm. Slightly odd given the number of posts the last few days about a new manager. Is it working OK?
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    Improved forward line

    OK Sven, you have got your 4-3-3 wish. If, when all fit, Nugent, Beckford and Vassell cannot score at least 4 goals a game between them, we do not deserve to get promoted, as long as one of the three behind them can get the ball to them!
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    Forum Changeed?

    When I turned on my computer I noticed that in Latest News on the right the heading for the Mercury is there, but no links under it.
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    New OS Website provider for 2012,,10269~2415941,00.html Includes: The new state-of-the-art digital platform, to be delivered by SapientNitro in the lead up to the 2012/13 season, will be optimised for speed and based on a SDL Tridion a Forester Wave leading Web Content Management...
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    Stadium Fan Experience

    I had to miss the Real Madrid game so have not seen inside the revamped stadium yet. I have seen pictures of the rebranding and we have new state-of-the-art pitch and screens, and new season ticket cards and a new shop/ticket office. But I have seen no mention of any changes to two other...
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    Our International Squad

    I notice that Fernandes is a full Swiss International. How many Internationals do we now have in our Super Squad?
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    New seats in stadium

    Have all the seats in the stadium been replaced to look like these?,,10274~2404737,00.html
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    Ticket, Pie and Pint for £20

    Season ticket holders can also get a Pie and Pint for £5. How much is a Pie and a Pint normally?
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    Hypocrite Holloway

    Ian 'Show me the money' Holloway rejects £4million for Adams, valueing him at £46million. A few days ago he offered Plymouth Argyle a derisory £10,000 for Wright-Phillips who has scored 13 goals in 17 starts. Until I heard about this on 5 Live tonight, I still had respect for Holloway's...
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    Sven: Plan A, play beautiful football ...

    ... Plan B, hoof it in the river! In his latest interview on the OS, Sven discusses our poor away form and blames the defence for not marking at set pieces, and in particular that if a defender is not in complete control of the ball, then he should just get it well clear, including kicking it...
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    Who is running the ship now?

    I know we are on a high with some good recent results and a manager who both seems to know what he is doing and also commands enough respect to attract good players, but ... ... with Milan now gone (and his black book of contacts) who is now running us in terms of strategy/how much to spend on...
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    Who will be the first Thai player in

    Varonchai Narongchai? It would be a very poor brand raisng exercise if the Thai consortium did not 'encourage' Milan/Hoos/Paulo to recruit at least one good player over here to help sell one million blue King Power shirts over there!
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    Walshy out of order

    Disgraceful Mockery piece demanding Kermogant apologises. The guy, like Waghorn, obviously gutted by his mistake, has no need to apologise. What about Waghorn's miss at the near post on 90 mins? What about Bruce not hoofing it away and Weale having to give away the penalty 10 minutes earlier...
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    Who ate all the pies?

    We took our grandsons yesterday as a normal season ticket family, except that one of the boys was on crutches because of a football injury. We went stright to our seats so that he avoided the last minute rush, and said we would get food at half-time. Half-time arrives. Queued up in a long queue...
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    Baggies Home

    Another tough game, but we are on a roll. My concern looking at the table is that the three above us have much better goal differences than us, and maybe we need to start pushing on and trying to get a good lead in the first half, not pulling it back or hanging on in the last 10 minutes. We...
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    No Mercury Links

    Where have they gone from the right hand column?
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    Sympathy for Warnock?

    It is very rare that I would feel any sympathy for the guy but the fates certainly conspired against him yesterday. If it was obvious to the ref, from the protests, that he may have made a mistake, why did he not consult his other three officials to ask them? Even if they did not see it, most...