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    Adams first cov signing

    The blokes gone and signed a 19 yr old!whats going on?,,10269~618722,00.html
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    What If?

    if micky does the unthinkable(in some peoples minds anyway) and gets us back up, will all these people that have called for his head admit they were wrong? we're in ninth now and a few wins from the automatic promotion places and oh what a difference a win makes ay! will people stick to their...
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    signed photos

    dont know if anyones is interested but these are dirt cheap! Ade the legend for 10p!if only PT realised thats all hes worth!
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    Michael Ball

    I can remember when he looeked so promising and was pushing for an england spot.had his injury problems but we def need a left sided defender after wilcoxs performance yesterday.If he plays for Rangers again they owe Everton half a million so hes been told hes got to go.i think he'd be worth a...
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    youl mawene

    what happened with this then lads?just got back from sunny spain and whilst there heard hes been with wolves.thought he sounded promising after being with sheep?
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    david Clarke

    Does anyone have a clue who he is then yet?He's gone on the tour with the squad but the club tell us he a keeper?I know some of you went to the friendlies so someone must know?
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    Another one bites the dust!!!!,,1004~537371,00.html?ptvParm= well now we have no goal scorers and our club doesnt even have the decency to tell us,probably try to cover it later with the signing of another 30+ midfielder
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    losing the faith?

    does anyone else feel like we're a sinking ship and even more players are going to jump?i am not normally pessimistic but without dickov i just dont see where were heading to.
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    andy griffin

    Gone to pompey scum.Thought he could have done a job for us.apparently hes a quality right sided player according to redknapp.Did he not say that about 1 john curtis not that long ago?
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    fanstasy euro 2004

    anybody interested? the link is : dont know if its any good because it hasnt got all squads on but might be worth a go.
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    Leeds and Administration

    what are everyones thoughts on the vote supposedly facing leeds as to whether they have points deducted for filing for administration?No one in the league supported us but do you think it would be different for them?could mean the team no longer do you think city would vote?We...
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    black thunders girl

    now would anyone kick that out of bed?i know its not strictly football related but after football would do we have left?!