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    Lies, damn lies and LCFC

    this is typical spin,i bet most of the kits found in this research are away kits or third kits.
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    never really cared bouts covscum untill i came to uni here.They think theyre better than sliced bread,and highfield road :-D good luck micky!
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    Charlton tickets are all gone.

    As far as i know charlton have given us the maximum allowance under FA rules,so no chance of anymore getting tickets as i understand it.
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    Adams first cov signing

    well we will soon see because im sure if it was harry that did us over then surely he'l use his 'contacts' for milwall sooner or later and get gemmil,rogers and impey and the rest on board?!
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    Adams first cov signing

    The blokes gone and signed a 19 yr old!whats going on?,,10269~618722,00.html
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    The banner that the Cov "fans" brought

    im unfotunate enough to live in cov and have to put up with this scum everyday.They dont mean to be like this its all the genes theyve inherited from their sister(mum) from all the inbreeding.One fact that maybe comforting is that not all covscum are that bad i watched the match with one last...
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    What If?

    i totally agree that you should air your views afetr all we pay the players and mickys wages.i guess im like danny n just hopeing for the best?! :?
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    What If?

    I think people have got me wrong here,i was just making the point of how fickle alot of people seem to be on here.IMO i can see people kissing mickeys arse if we are succesful and those same people will undoubtedly be those who are now slating him
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    What If?

    if micky does the unthinkable(in some peoples minds anyway) and gets us back up, will all these people that have called for his head admit they were wrong? we're in ninth now and a few wins from the automatic promotion places and oh what a difference a win makes ay! will people stick to their...
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    My GCSE Results!!

    If theres one thing that pisses me off its all you old un's that think you had it so hard at school and that its too easy these a few years past all this stuff(thank god) but you really have to work you're arse off to get good grades and well one to everyone that did get their results!
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    signed photos

    dont know if anyones is interested but these are dirt cheap! Ade the legend for 10p!if only PT realised thats all hes worth!
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    Help needed

    Try be useless but you can always look.
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    Michael Ball

    I can remember when he looeked so promising and was pushing for an england spot.had his injury problems but we def need a left sided defender after wilcoxs performance yesterday.If he plays for Rangers again they owe Everton half a million so hes been told hes got to go.i think he'd be worth a...
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    Wilcox looked shocking in defence IMO.Made so many mistakes and wasnt even commited in trying to rectify them
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    youl mawene

    what happened with this then lads?just got back from sunny spain and whilst there heard hes been with wolves.thought he sounded promising after being with sheep?
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    david Clarke

    Does anyone have a clue who he is then yet?He's gone on the tour with the squad but the club tell us he a keeper?I know some of you went to the friendlies so someone must know?
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    Who is the ferret...

    I was wondering that.Thought ud have the inside track on all player haircuts ........... :wink:
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    New Keeper.....

    is that the same one that played for palace cos id heard he had to retire through injury myself
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    Another one bites the dust!!!!,,1004~537371,00.html?ptvParm= well now we have no goal scorers and our club doesnt even have the decency to tell us,probably try to cover it later with the signing of another 30+ midfielder
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    Any Chance of Thatcher staying???

    well hes gone!been on the man city OS and theres quotes from him about signing and everything.pitty city cant break these things to use quickly rather than finding out way after the fact!but hey thats city for you,no thought for fans
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    Liam Lawrence

    i saw him linked with sunderland so im guessing he will have gone there.pity really sounded quite promising
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    Richie Partridge

    Yeah watch us sign him and play outta his skin and then we realise Bassets gone and put a 50p clause in his contract n he'll f**k off to Blackburn or sum crap
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    losing the faith?

    does anyone else feel like we're a sinking ship and even more players are going to jump?i am not normally pessimistic but without dickov i just dont see where were heading to.
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    John Oster.

    pipers agents his dad and he's quite clever so doubt he'l have been silly enough to accept agrand,especially as matty didnt want to leave us(my mate knows em both incase ure wonderin bout sources)
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    andy griffin

    i apologise oh almighty joe :wink:
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    andy griffin

    Gone to pompey scum.Thought he could have done a job for us.apparently hes a quality right sided player according to redknapp.Did he not say that about 1 john curtis not that long ago?
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    fanstasy euro 2004

    anybody interested? the link is : dont know if its any good because it hasnt got all squads on but might be worth a go.
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    New Brummies

    brum OS says no deal yet confirmed for izzet depite national and local media reports.we all know where hes going though dont we
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    london have u backed up your anti micky rants yet?its getting a bit tedious now mate
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    Leeds and Administration

    what are everyones thoughts on the vote supposedly facing leeds as to whether they have points deducted for filing for administration?No one in the league supported us but do you think it would be different for them?could mean the team no longer do you think city would vote?We...
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    Steve Walsh vs Matt Elliot

    if ta**or hadnt got the managers job and walshy and cottee had what does everyone think would have been the outcome?obv we've got mickey and a decent squad now but does anyone see us with a different past under their guidance?
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    Would you like all 3 East Midlands teams in the Premiership?

    i think that it would be good having derby and forest in the same division as everyone says the banters good its points in the bag and we can prove we're the best in the midlands :D
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    Who do we hate the most?

    my thoughts exactly.warnocks gotta be number 1!
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    black thunders girl

    try : /,,10274~395754,00.html and see what u think cornish
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    black thunders girl

    now would anyone kick that out of bed?i know its not strictly football related but after football would do we have left?!
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    Mickys Money

    i think we are forgetting that we have roughly the same squad as last season and they were the 1s that got us relegated.fair enuff taylors imput didnt help but its partly due to them and their commitment levels(matt jones!)
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    Mickys Money

    sorry but i disagree that this is why we have no money.portsmouth have a very wealthy chairman yet they are being realistic and realising that theres no money in football and they need to spend more wisely.i do agree that the players sjould not get the wage sback but football players are selfish...