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    Fantasy League 2021/22

    @Jeff does the fantasy league from last year just roll over?
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    The journey’s start

    In light of the recent phenomenal achievement, it got me thinking about whether I’d ever have expect that after my first game watching a terrible 0-0 with Cardiff with Hume hitting the bar. I’m interested to hear everyone’s first ever game they went to. Why did it grab you? And, like me, was it...
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    National Tea Day?

    Feel like we can do better than this, chaps. James Mad-Assam?
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    Europa League

    October are the first Europe League we'll be involved in - had to check. October 2nd is the group stage draw
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    Formula 1

    Not excited about this one at all. F1 is one at the same time and for the first time I’m actually struggling to decide which to watch. Just some general chat about F1 - and the choice between Mugello and WBA this weekend...
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    Vardy: Premier League Centurion

    100 goals in 206 games. He’s absolutely unbelievable isn’t he??
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    Pre Match Leicester v Brighton 19/08/2017

    This is where our season really starts, as no one expected us to beat Arsenal. However, Brighton will set up defensively. Vardy won't have the same space, and we struggled to break teams down with that last season. Negative, but I wonder if Brighton will nick it. 0-1 and huge disappointment.
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    Will Vardy get the golden boot?

    Just a fun one (and honestly a poll I never thought I'd even dream of posting) The premier league golden boot hangs finely in the balance. This surely is the closest it has been in recent years... The question is, will Vardy do it? And if he does, will it be because Cesc Fabregas gets a few...
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    Searching for a shirt

    Hi all, One of my mates plays 5 a side for a team that plays in Red. Due to the absolute scarcity of the red 3rd kit from last season, he cannot find one. Does anyone have one they would be wiling to sell, that may be sitting at the back of a cupboard? L or XL would be ideal.
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    The International Champions Cup 2016 A nice surprise for next pre-season. We are part of the international champions cup. Is this a statement of intent for the future or just a group of clubs being nice and caving in to media to let the little...
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    Spare Villa Ticket (concessions)

    Hi all. I have been offered a few tickets for the villa game by someone who isn't going. Anyone who is a concession would qualify for the final one (I am buying 3, need only 2) Concessions are - u18, student, o65s. PM me if you want one!
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    Confirmed Transfer Yohan Benalouane Yohan Benalouane Image by: Plumb Images Defender Yohan Benalouane has completed a move to Leicester City on a four-year deal subject to international clearance and Premier League and FA approval. - Leicester...
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    What are they saying oop north? Really. REALLY? Apparently our only goal threat is Ulloa. Not kramaric, or Schlupp, or cambiasso. Apparently Hull are a better team than we are. More points from being wiser at times but...
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    Moved to Bourne End in the south

    Hi all. I've just moved down here from Preston (for work) and I don't know much about the area. Any posters here from the area or living here still? Would be interested to know the best events to meet new people - thanks all.
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    Match Thread Leicester v Arsenal

    Team sheets; Leicester City 01 Schmeichel 02 de Laet 03 Konchesky 18 Moore 05 Morgan 15 Schlupp 10 King 26 Mahrez 07 Hammond 35 Nugent 23 Ulloa Substitutes 04 Drinkwater 09 Vardy 11 Albrighton 12 Hamer 19 Cambiasso 27 Wasilewski 39 Wood Arsenal 01 Szczesny 06...
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    Match Thread Brazil v Croatia

    Bit of a surprise so far as Marcelo directs the ball into his own net... Croatia looking strong!
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    Cardiff City Recruitment Oh dear. Thoughts?
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    Fifa 14

    What are people's thoughts? Played a game against Shrewsbury and decided it wasn't realistic after taking a shot outside the 18 yard box that Weale saved.
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    Foxes Player

    Okay so it's techie too, but (if you have an iPad) you seem to be able to download the phone version of the foxes player app and access all content (including live game commentary) totally free. It's been working for me for the last few weeks. Just try it :)
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    The big match revisited

    Hi everyone- just in case you don't know (and perhaps you don't care) itv are showing some vintage "The Big Match" footage. Just thought I'd make people aware as I think it's easy to miss (as it is itv4) and even though I wasn't there it's enjoyable. Interesting to see where current managers...
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    Post Match Leicester 2-0 Coventry

    Goals From nuge and becks, up to 11th, 7 points off playoffs. Not bad
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    Time changes much... We're a good way into the season now so I think it's time to think about how are doing in terms of what was expected. In other words, LOL this tool was totally wrong. Can understand the majority of Leicester...
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    Are we keeping Tunch?

    I can remember there being a lot of 'he'll be decided by next week' sort of stuff before, but does anyone know whats actually happening with tunch? To keep or not to keep, that is the question!
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    arsenal barca

    anyone got a link to stream? Internet's decided that it doesn't like ITV and my flatmates are watching something on our actual TV
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    Big name loan deal... but who?

    Sven says he's asking too much Anyone any idea who this might be? We've heard nothing about it! Sorry, Loan deal! read it wrong
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    Almost guilty for thinking it...

    But is there anyone else thinking that we might be able to nick 2nd if we keep laying the way we are? I must admit I've just looked at the table and I genuinely didn't realise how close is it round those playoff spots. I wonder if Sven has one eye on those automatic spots....
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    This season, someone is going to get battered

    Speculation as to who? Our squad is so strong at the moment, it seems very likely that between now and the end of the season we are going to give a team a very,very heavy beating. Could it be Barnsley? I think someone mentioned somebody getting really smashed in another thread. Thoughts...
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    City 2-2 Man City

    Good result. Win at theirs... Please.
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    fans fixture

    .... Is that guy jas123?
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    Greg davies

    Just met him. Remarkably normal guy, really found myself quite liking him.. 6'8"!!!!! was very surprised. But as i say. great bloke, wish he wasn't a celebrity so i could have him as a mate. meh. (headmaster bloke out the inbetweeners btw)
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    Just a quick one- Yuki abe interview

    On LCFC player. Pleasing to see he's really trying, but stringer, seriously. "When you were in Japan, did you speak any english at all?" um..... WTF? :102:
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    Schlong Watch

    Eh up. Mozza has competition. Not really though
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    Thailand Schmailand

    I suppose that would depend on how you define 'evolved' Does anyone really think this trip is worthwhile?
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    Mr. Sousa's signings

    Anyone care to discuss? We've won once in the league this season, when none of his were playing. And Carl Ikeme is utter toss. Surely we knew that from last season? Why do people keep loaning him!?!?!?! Faith in good football under sousa- Intact. Faith in results and signings-...
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    Tunch nearing fitness? Sounds fantastic if true! :icon_bigg:icon_bigg
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    Pathetic highlights on football league show

    Consideringwe've guaranteed our playoff place... one highlight isnt really enough, especiall considering gally's quite insane goal. Forgive me if this thread seems pointless. Also 'dj campbell seems to really love playing at blackpool'. Anyone else think that manish was thinking 'Yeah, but...
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    New Kit...?

    Is it just me or at the Blackpool game was the kit different? I could swear we had white shorts... Not as if they would have clashed. Anyone know what it's all about?
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    Pearson goes sheepshagging

    Rams in contract talks with pearson :D
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    Strikers who leave then score. Plenty.

    I know we're used to it with Akinbiyi, and DJ last season... but why is it that we're once again watching our strikers go out on loan and perform exactly as we expected when we bought them? Gradel, DJ(again) and now Dickov. Surely somebody somewhere is taking the p*ss!!!