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    slow and errors

    im not at home at the moment so I can't check the server but the Site appears to be working ok at the moment is it Just slowness or are You getting error messages ?
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    That sounds a good idea Steven. Also Webbo, how about a pool/snooker game? :mrgreen:
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    Cardiff and District Snooker League

    If it's made up of posters from this site, then I will pass. :roll: :wink: ;-) :mrgreen: I am sure that will come as a relief to all of us. :D :P :wink: ;-) :mrgreen:
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    Cardiff and District Snooker League

    If it's made up of posters from this site, then I will pass. :roll: :wink: ;-) :mrgreen: I am sure that will come as a reflief to all of us. :D :P :wink: ;-) :mrgreen:
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    News error

    ** See my response to Joe's thread - Webbo **
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    Malformed page

    Webbie is very cosmopolitan. :wink: ;-) :mrgreen:
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    Malformed page

    Every time I go to the front page, this is at the top of the page it is not a show stopper, but could be tidied in your own time. :wink: ;-) :mrgreen:
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    Can't log in

    Apparently I am the newest member (Matt-LCFC)...and I am but I can't log in, I regisered last night but still havn't received a confirmation e-mail, and cannot log in now! Please help...
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    Do you (Lumberjacks that is) wear women's clothes then?
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    Im Lumberjack by the way!
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    Now im appearing as a guest??? Help Webmaster its all getting very confusing!
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    Strange. I didnt even write this. :smt119
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    See young lesbians play with each other

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    Fridays Tips

    Scotch Corner 1:45 Fakenham - Great Chance 6/4 ish - Not Placed Aveiro 1:55 Wolverhampton - Great Chance 2/1 ish - 3rd 5/4 Star Diver 4:50 Sandown - 4/1 ish - Not Placed Chauvanist 2:00 Sandown - 5/2 ish - Won 6/4
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    Saturdays Football Tips

    Ive been looking at this morning, and i've selected 6 that who are great value for money. Everton Vs Man Utd = Man Utd (5/6) Burnley Vs Blackburn = Blackburn (6/5) Newcastle Vs Chelsea = Chelsea (10/11) Rotherham Vs Derby = Derby (Evs) Wolves Vs Gillingham = Wolves (4/6)...
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    franz ferdinand

    That is fookin uncanny eh?
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    Singer songwriters

    :smt030 Agree, pissed poet but a total legend. Was watching a programme, 'bono's millions' a couple of months back. Anywho, a while back McGowan had nowhere to stay so Bono rented his Dublin house to him for a quid for as long as he wanted to stay...the best bit is that Bono is still waiting...
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    Sunday Tips

    Some very strong info today so get your money on. Sleep Bal 3:10 Exeter Il Duce 3:40 Exeter Welsh Dane 3:30 Hereford Faasel (won for us twice) runs again in 1:50 Ayr. Put it in a straight forecast - Faasel to beat Ambition Royale. Good Luck
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    I want special access

    ScarboroughFox - sorry if I didn't reply there was absolutely no offence meant. The forum is really quite uneventful and of absolutely no interest to people outside the league - really. I haven't much time to moderate so wanted to restrict the membership. The Webmaster did me a huge...
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    Banned Player Identity?

    Yea thts the guy i think and he plays/played for Rushden and Diamonds
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    franz ferdinand

    Do you mean Archduke Franz Ferdinand whose assassination precipitated the start of WW 1. :? :?
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    please don't allow those daft fecking signatures webbo, they take up too much room and most deify players who have only been here 10 minutes. :roll:
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    Do You want the Old Firm

    Contradictions all over the place I think that the old firm would adapt to the premiership over five years. Its only a good move for the glasgow clubs though not adding to the premiership as they would be in the 5th-10th position. As for not being good enough. I'm sorry but thats rubbish...
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    Do You want the Old Firm

    Do you think that the OLD FIRM should be allowed into the English Premiership??????
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    I've seen Orbital about ten times over the years in a variety of settings. Never saw them at Glasto sadly - I only went once, which was 1990, the year before they first played I think. They sadly turned into a bit of a parody of themselves in latter years, trying to recreate the style they had...
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    Fridays Tips

    2 winners at 13/8 and 5/2 and 3 placed - not a bad day but with a little more luck........who knows.
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    Saw them at the Charlotte a few years back. Thought they were boring. Someone lent me there first album not long after and they are now one of my favourite bands ever. Just goes to prove that you should never judge a band on seeing them at the Charlotte!! Can't wait for the new stuff, some...
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    music trivia quiz

    Can anyone name another band who had 3 singles released during the eighties with World in the title?
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    music trivia quiz

    praise be, someone on this thread with a brain! i tell you YV, i despair sometimes. :wink: as for your q, .... :oops: no idea..!
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    Thursday tips

    I thought SP came fourth?
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    Sundays Horse

    wunt u be annoyed if u did have johnson to score first?? he dont miss Many peno's
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    music trivia quiz

    he's called suk long Dick now :wink:
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    music trivia quiz

    Was it Carter USM? After the Watershed? For the lyric "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, welcome home you silly cow" :wink:
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    car cd's at the mo

    don't let him touch your rocket man...
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    Dawson dropped again?

    Shocking news for Wasps fans!! :P
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    music trivia quiz

    correct. however, it must be somewhere strange or crap for you to remember. i'll take a punt at india, he looks like a high ranking army blokes son.
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    music trivia quiz

    The Wedding Present or The Toy Dolls