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  1. bua


    http://www.nottinghamforest-mad.co.uk/news/loadnews.asp?cid=TMNW&id=156673 Hmmm what do you reckon? I think he would be one of our most important players if we can keep him in Division 1 next year.
  2. bua

    Pre-season friendlies announced

    No Barcelona next year then? and no trip to Iceland?
  3. bua

    England Number 1 For Europe

    I honestly think Walker is the form keeper in the league at the moment, he's been phenominal for the last month and a half or so. James will be #1, Robinson #2 and Walker #3 at Portugal, guaranteed
  4. bua


    All of them! COMS is the best stadium, best atmosphere probably st james
  5. bua

    Mikel Forssell

    foresel aint on close to 20k a week have a word mate. Hes the best striker chelsea have, and will be there for them next season
  6. bua


    It's 100% obvious scowcroft will start on the right with ferdinand being dropped to the bench. I'll bet my house on it if you like boys?
  7. bua


    It's 100% obvious scowcroft will start on the right with ferdinand being dropped to the bench. I'll bet my house on it if you like boys?
  8. bua


    I bet £20 it'll be walker, scimeca, heath, dabizas, thatcher, scowcroft, freund, izzet, guppy, bent, dickov starting.
  9. bua

    Final Points Prediction Thread

    well 35 points will keep us up this year, so lets just hope we can get that :) in theory, we should beat wolves, everton, portsmouth & man city at home. but we're rubbish, so we probably won't. i bet we get loads more draws though, and maybe they'll all add up to be enough. who knows! all...
  10. bua

    Which striker should we fear most?

    Wright is clearly shit. He'll probably be sold for cheap/free in the summer. he's been booked twice as many times as he's scored, in divison 2. He's scored 1 more goal than the amount of times he's been sent off :)
  11. bua

    Next Three Games

    Need 6 points. 9 is a bit silly. if we beat bolton, i'll be absolute extatic. i think a draw is on the cards, and a draw against wolves. and maybe a cheeky win against the spurs?
  12. bua

    curtis, why did he leave?

    Obviously Mickey's got on the phone to managers looking for a defender (as harry publically was) and said look, we've got a defender here who comes highly rated and is a good player, but it's not working out here and it's best for all 3 parties involved to just let him go on a free now.
  13. bua

    Biggest diagrace

    That fat lad with "Wide Load" tatoo'd to his stomach? He's awesome, no shirt every game. hardcore
  14. bua

    Biggest diagrace

    The fans. Absolutely pathetic. If I was a player, I wouldn't bother playing for that load of shit tbh. Canero & Dabizas must be gutted with their decision to come here.
  15. bua

    Who's better then?

    Probably Gerry to be honest, but since he's gone, I said Matty.
  16. bua

    Radio Leicester

    I hate radio leicester. I do listen to it when I cant make away games as theres often no other coverage, but it doesnt mean i like it. the phone in for example is a load of old bollocks.
  17. bua

    Is Matt Heath good enough?

    Well he is 'good enough' in the same way Elliot, Taggart, Impey, Curtis etc. are 'good enough'.
  18. bua

    Should Dickov start against Newcastle?

    Well lads looks like Adams is saying it will be Dickov and Bent to start with Ferdinand on the bench. I'm not complaining, Dickov is great and gives the crowd such a lift when he's playing, but you can't deny Les knows where the goal is and is probably our most potent weapon up front. That...
  19. bua

    Should Dickov start against Newcastle?

    Yeah but Henry + Van Nistlerooy probably wouldn't work too well if you only have 8 outfield players :/
  20. bua

    Should Dickov start against Newcastle?

    I think bent is probably the most talented player we have behind Izzet. When he wants he's absolute class. Looks a bit lazy when things arent going quite to plan though. I'd rather have Ferdinand and Bent on the pitch when it's 0-0. I'd rather have Ferdinand and Dickov on the pitch when...