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  1. Fox Fan

    Stadium Atmosphere

    I think that there could be a fair amount of discussion on this topic in the coming season - especially if we get off to a fairly slow start. This week the club have announced a series of changes to the match day. The two most eye catching are the introduction of a singing section in SK1 and...
  2. Fox Fan

    Wagatha Christie

    There's going to be a fair amount of chat on this in the next couple of weeks (trial starts on Monday), so thought it deserved it's own thread. For those who are not fully up to speed on the case, the Guardian have produce two 30 min podcasts on proceedings...
  3. Fox Fan

    How to watch matches

    When I click on the link in the LCFC forum - it asks me to log in to the site again and just goes round in circles. Has been an issue for a while, but thought I would post before tonight's match.
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    Match Thread Birmingham v Leicester PSF

  5. Fox Fan

    Protests in the US

    Ian Marshall seems to be re-tweeting Katie Hopkins quite frequently these days.
  6. Fox Fan

    Speculation Games to go behind closed doors

    According to the Times this morning, this weekend's matches will be moved behind closed doors once the country has 500 confirmed Coronavirus cases - which will be today. Fans with tickets will be able to live stream the matches (not like we can't do that for every match anyway). No mention of...
  7. Fox Fan

    The Athletic

    *Mods, move this if there's a more appropriate forum for it. The Athletic has launched today - it's been pretty well hyped over the summer with lots of local and national journalists leaving their publications for it. Most notably for us is Rob Tanner, but other decent journalists like Daniel...
  8. Fox Fan

    Claudio Ranieri Appointed Manager

    Just announced on Twitter.
  9. Fox Fan

    go to last post

    Jeff, when accessing the site direct to the landing page and clicking the thread title, it's taking me to the last post in the thread rather than the last unread post. Any one else having the same issue?
  10. Fox Fan

    Pearson Sacked!

    Just posted on twitter by official foxes
  11. Fox Fan

    Racist orgy shame caught on camera during Thailand end of season tour

    Scoop in the Mirror tomorrow with Adam Smith, James Pearson and Tom Hopper in a sex orgy with Thai girls including racist abuse. I'd sack every one of them now. Absolute wankers and shouldn't even be there...
  12. Fox Fan

    Terry Robinson - Gone

    Stringer just tweeted to say TR has left the club.
  13. Fox Fan

    Confirmed Transfer Wellens gone

    Mutual agreement on the cancellation of his contact.
  14. Fox Fan

    Post Match Barnsley 2 Leicester City 0

    2-0 loss. Keane (OG) & O'Grady. Could have been more had they not missed a penalty and had 2 offsides. Sounds like a horrendous performance and must leave even the most die hard of Pearson supports questioning their position. We seem to have a serious problem with good players turning bad...
  15. Fox Fan

    Pre Match Barnsley v Leicester

    Win and we could rocket back up to 5th place. We need to keep the ball on the ground and play into Wood's feet as we did when he first arrived. We can't out battle these teams in the air as we've attempted in recent games. If Wood/Nugent aren't looking dangerous after 65 mins, pull them off...
  16. Fox Fan

    Speculation Jesse Lingard & Michael Keane

    Sky Sports understands Leicester are set to sign Man Utd duo Jesse Lindgaard & Michael Keane on loan.#MUFC #LCFC
  17. Fox Fan

    Beckford Appeal Successful

  18. Fox Fan

    DNS Server Transfer

    I've got an issue at work with a website I look after. A couple of weeks ago the site went down for a few days, apparently due to a server issue. As a result the website developers who look after the server for us decided to move the site onto a new server. Since then an issue has arisen with...
  19. Fox Fan

    NYE in London

    I've booked to go to London for NYE, but after watching the fireworks I've got to work out what to do. We're staying at Earls Court, but they have free underground running all night, so getting back shouldn't be too much of a problem. Any suggestions of where to go? I would quite like...
  20. Fox Fan

    N Power Challenge Cup

    Game against Real Madrid will now become 'The N Power Challenge Cup'
  21. Fox Fan

    Ranson leaves Cov

    Seems like a sinking ship - I've heard from some Cov mates that their finances are in terrible shape too!
  22. Fox Fan


    For the last couple of weeks my internet has been playing up, dropping in and out. I'm on AOL, but oddly the same thing seems to be happening to my friend who lives a few miles away and uses SKY. Anyone else having this problem? I phoned AOL, but after speaking to an Indian call centre...
  23. Fox Fan

    Haye vs Harrison

    I'll be near Loughborough on Sat night. As I'm not from around there could anyone recommend a good place to watch the fight? Cheers
  24. Fox Fan

    Mattock's Big Day (Thursday)

    For anyone who hasn't seen this :icon_mrgr
  25. Fox Fan

    Sav talks about La Manga & Leicester

    Saves buying the Daily Mirror
  26. Fox Fan

    Ticket Office

    Anyone else having trouble getting through? I've sent them 3 e-mails about tickets for the Crystal Palace match, all with no response. I've tried to call them a few times, I held for 20 mins and gave up. :bang: Are they still off on their jollies or what?
  27. Fox Fan

    Nokia N97 & The Car Phone Warehouse

    My brother's N97 stopped working correctly. The top line of buttons on the qwerty keyboard stopped working, so he took it into the CPW to be repaired. After waiting two weeks he went to collect it and told him it had been water damaged, so they wouldn't fix it. He says its never been...
  28. Fox Fan

    Adams in line for shock Leicester return, also Dowie & P.Sousa (SUNDAY MIRROR)

    Meanwhile the NOTW says its basically a done deal But the NOTW also suggests were after a Liverpool player for £1million
  29. Fox Fan

    Things the club can improve for next season

    I imagine someone from the club must read these boards. Shall we make some sensible suggestions for things the club can do to improve the match day experience. First and foremost Errr, please don't play that - it hurts my ears.
  30. Fox Fan

    Waghorn Returns

    With Sunderland in a pre-season. :icon_wink
  31. Fox Fan

    Cov Scum Idiots (Approach for Pearson)

    According to the Coventry Telegraph :043::043::043::043::043:
  32. Fox Fan

    Foxes Card

    Anyone signed up for one of these? I'm going on holiday to America in June and I wanted to take a prepaid card (especially as I'm going to be in Vegas). This seems to be a decent enough one as they only charge £1.99 for withdrawals regardless of the amount.
  33. Fox Fan

    Solano Rape Quiz

    From The Sun:
  34. Fox Fan

    Robbie Savage

    Just seen Savage's Twitter account. Seems like everyone on there is just winding him up. He can't handle it and is getting quite mardy with people.:081::081: If anyone is bored....
  35. Fox Fan

    Hobbs To Villa/Hull?

    Another bit of the endless speculation. This from the Saturday Sun:
  36. Fox Fan

    Olympic venue?

    Would be nice to see the Olympics come to Leicester.
  37. Fox Fan

    Hong Kong

    Just booked a holiday to Hong Kong with 3 mates. Ended up paying £545 for 9 nights in a 4* hotel and return flights from Heathrow - which I thought seemed like a amazing deal compared with holidaying in Europe. Anyone ever been? If so got any advice? Cheers.
  38. Fox Fan

    Leeds Away

    Now a sell out. Anyone know if any more tickets are going to be issued?
  39. Fox Fan

    Will The Stands Close?

    I think I am correct in thinking that when CL was here and we looked like going down the club had a contingency plan to close off the east and Family stands. Any idea if this will or should happen?