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  1. Newcastle_Fox

    1884 bar....

    Not sure if I heard the announcer today but I reckon he said all you needed to get into the 1884 was a match ticket and it is gonna be like that for the rest of the season. Its get packed in there at the best of times and queing to get in, let alone by inviting anyone with a match ticket into there.
  2. Newcastle_Fox

    How Are People Feeling Today?

    Haha great stuff. Not had such a close up inspection myself of it. Suprised it hasnt been torched yet though.
  3. Newcastle_Fox

    How Are People Feeling Today?

    Haha well played, though cant imagine them being very comfortable with the broken windows are furniture all ripped out. They look a right state, symbolise how shit Coalville is. Dont know what they are doing there, as no passenger trains ever go through Coalville.
  4. Newcastle_Fox

    How Are People Feeling Today?

    Not them smashed up abandoned trains near Harlows and ALDI in Coalville I hope :icon_surp
  5. Newcastle_Fox

    Season Tickets?

    I did that and the feckers still charged me £39.99 for the shirt, have sent them a message through the contact us form on the shop's website but they havent contacted me back was sent yesterday morning. They said to reply to the confirmation email for the order with team card ref number. I want...
  6. Newcastle_Fox

    Season Tickets?

    Yes renewed, mine some may say I am a sucker for punishment!
  7. Newcastle_Fox

    Season Tickets?

    First installment is 30th of this month
  8. Newcastle_Fox

    England V Pakistan - Third Test

    117-7 now :D
  9. Newcastle_Fox


    Aye it is, he was talking about it the other day.
  10. Newcastle_Fox

    MONOPOLY AT McDONALDS Is probs ya best bet, though some could be expensive.
  11. Newcastle_Fox

    Can any one get Leilani's top off?

    Just managed it after 5 attempts! Good pair of norks!
  12. Newcastle_Fox

    Another another new one.

    But can they play for us in the FA Cup? :) :wink:
  13. Newcastle_Fox

    Another another new one. Apparently we have signed Patrick McCarthy from Man City, he is 21 years old and signed on a 3 year deal but has yet to make a premiership...
  14. Newcastle_Fox

    Word Association Game

  15. Newcastle_Fox

    Word Association Game

  16. Newcastle_Fox

    Sinclair poised to join Nottingham Forest Football Club

    Good luck to super frank one of the last players to leave of the O'Neill team.
  17. Newcastle_Fox

    Glan Letheran - New Goalkeeping Coach.

    Who??? Would have preferred Pressman as goalie coach.
  18. Newcastle_Fox

    kevin pressman,,10274~540628,00.html Confirmed now!!! :( Best stock a load more pies at the walkers stadium!
  19. Newcastle_Fox

    Scowy - We Want ?2m

    Stranger things have happened like gettin £2.4M from palace for Akin-Bad-Buy!
  20. Newcastle_Fox

    Micky sees the light!!!

    yeh he is a decent player, played for leicester reserves most weeks. Made his debut in the final game at filbert street in the last min and never touched the ball. Has played for England aswell a few times. He reckons micky adams wants a change of players and is only interested in "His" players...
  21. Newcastle_Fox

    Micky sees the light!!!

    Tom Williamson
  22. Newcastle_Fox

    Micky sees the light!!!

    Petrescu is lazyand is on his way out of Leicester. Was speaking to my mate who got released by Leicester this summer. He is well angry with the management. He was reserve team captain for Leicester for the last few games. The reserve and academy bosses couldnt believe he had been released. He...
  23. Newcastle_Fox

    Play for your Club

    Well done boys! Our second successive promotion! We are in the Premier league. Thats shown Micky a good example. Well played Fellas lets go for europe next week!
  24. Newcastle_Fox

    Super Frank

    My Best Wishes To Super Frank. Been a good servant to Leicester and am sorry to see him being thrown out onto the football scrapheap. Hope he resurrects his career and can prove us wrong. I would have kept funtime frankie at the Walkers this season.
  25. Newcastle_Fox

    Play for your Club

    Come on boys, after bein top for a while we are letting it slip and are in 3rd place not very far ahead of 4th and 5th. Need to get back on it and start scoring before 8pm 2nite or all our hard work will be wasted and we wont be getting successive promotions. Calling all Leicester Fans!
  26. Newcastle_Fox

    Bring back the Foxy Ladys.......

    Wernt they stopped cause Walshie was knobbin the head foxy lady and another foxy lady and all the other girls were fightin over him. Thats what I heard.
  27. Newcastle_Fox

    Best Overseas player for Leicester

    wernt Pontus Kaamark signed by Fat Boy McGhee??
  28. Newcastle_Fox

    Play for your Club

    Come on boys we are in second 2M away from top! Lets go for successive promotions and maybe silverware! Calling all people at work or bored to spend as much time as you can playing. Remember every point counts towards our promotion charge to the premiership. Lets show Micky how its done!
  29. Newcastle_Fox

    Play for your Club

    C'MON then boys need to get the high scorers playing i.e Sheffield Fox
  30. Newcastle_Fox

    Play for your Club

    Looks like we are gonna have to score high to get out of this division we are 5th and about 50 million away from promotion.
  31. Newcastle_Fox

    Friendly v. Shepshed Dynamo

    Shepshed Dynamo Football Club, The Dovecote, Butthole Lane, Shepshed, Leicestershire, LE12 9BN. Tel : 01509 650992
  32. Newcastle_Fox

    Friendly v. Shepshed Dynamo

    Butthole Lane, Shepshed and I aint jokin. Yeh think we just turn up the capacity is 5000.
  33. Newcastle_Fox


    23rd April - On St Georges Day!!!
  34. Newcastle_Fox

    Sir Les Signing For Bolton Next week!

    Looks like Sir Les is signing for Bolton. Ah well thanks for the memories and trying your hardest to save us from relegation last season! You will be remember as the model player and for them bullet free kicks. Also for the goal that gave us hope that we could stop up when we beat Birmingham...
  35. Newcastle_Fox

    Friendly v. Shepshed Dynamo

    Yeh might do, which club do you think city will bring the strongest side to?
  36. Newcastle_Fox

    Hignett on his way out

    Cheers mate, the only good thing he done for us was salvage a draw against Arsenal!
  37. Newcastle_Fox

    Hignett on his way out

    Leeds can have him! An easy 6 points for us against Leeds if they play him!
  38. Newcastle_Fox


    The email address of the owner of that shite website is: must be one of maccas loser mates who has slightly more intelligence than him.
  39. Newcastle_Fox

    Leicester fans needed

    Well done lads give yourself a pat on the back. Its all over. Second Place behind portsmouth and promotion to the 1st Division. Good form, lets keep it up and get into the premier