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  1. Craig

    My Dissertation questionnaire - Help me please

    Thanks to everyone for the data collected, i have to close it though as i was literally bombarded with too many responses, which is a good thing i guess. Thanks again.
  2. Craig

    My Dissertation questionnaire - Help me please

    Hello, it's been a while since i've been on here, it's changed a fair bit from what i remember... anyway... At the moment i study Criminology and Sociology B.A. Hons at the University of Bedfordshire. I am currently in my third and final year, and as we speak i'm frantically trying to finish...
  3. Craig

    CL gets his man.....

    This'd be better from CL, 'a little less conversation, a little more action' it would seem.
  4. Craig

    Hello you lot

    I know him ;-)
  5. Craig

    Guess the Attendance

  6. Craig

    Caption Game

    You can fetch the ball this time.
  7. Craig

    Fate will end our unbeaten sequence

  8. Craig

    Preston Pics

    Strangest road markings i've seen for a long time... What the ****in' hell is that?! Statue/Fountain thing... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, it's us! On the football league tables in the museum, took me ages to find our name ... :roll: Retro seats... One of the old skool...
  9. Craig

    Chant for De Vries

    Mark De Vries De Vries He's likes to use Febreeze He gives the bottle a sqeeze Then his house is clean (To Que Sera Sera) :roll: :oops: :( :wink:
  10. Craig

    Todays Attendance

    I agree with that :D
  11. Craig

    Todays Attendance

    Oh yes it is :wink: :roll: :( :lol:
  12. Craig

    Todays Attendance

    Well this game wouldn't have been free anyway, since we played Preston earlier in the season. We only got the first home cup game of the season free, remember Crewe last season? so this argument is totally irrelevant. :roll:
  13. Craig

    Where is the pride?

    *Rubs hands* Which ones in particular do you want sorting out? :lol: :roll: :wink: [/b]
  14. Craig

    Nice to see...

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. Craig

    Not that I'm......

    :lol: Apart from this is all actually true :wink:
  16. Craig

    Not that I'm......

    I was surprised that Tim didn't know about the idea. Because it had been raised before at fans forum meetings etc. He sounded really positive about it, we'll have to wait and see though :)
  17. Craig

    Caption Round: Week 12

    Tim - "Stop twisting my arm you silly rugby loving white haired tosspot"
  18. Craig

    We could always make the away section green, i'd accept that. Stick all the egg chaser fans in there :D
  19. Craig

    Some lovely pictures on there for us. Green seats. Great news. :evil:
  20. Craig

    LCFC and Tigers Ground Share

    Couldn't agree more, what about banners for the Plymouth game?
  21. Craig

    Oh no - not the Tigers

    This is like owning a massive house, but allowing a tramp who lives in a tatty shed to come and sleep on your bed whilst you go work. :evil:
  22. Craig

    Oh no - not the Tigers

    I'm really annoyed by this. MACE OUT!! :x :evil:
  23. Craig

    Oh no - not the Tigers

    Pathetic this is, surely there's something we can do before it's agreed :cry:
  24. Craig

    Alan Cork

    Their style of play will be though :lol: :roll: :wink:
  25. Craig

    Forest Tickets ?31!!!!

    That'd be £16 then.
  26. Craig

    Coventry moved to Monday for Sky

    FFS!!!!!! im working :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  27. Craig

    Player Ratings vs Coventry

    Yeah cos we didn't lose to Preston in the evening :roll: :wink:
  28. Craig

    Coventy Match Thread

    Good job you didn't pay money to watch it then isn't it, you prick. At least go to the game if you're going to make a statement like that! Personally i thought we played well. A vast improvement.
  29. Craig

    Start the Chant

  30. Craig

    What if we keep climbing the table?

    We'd av ****in Horny Henry as gaffer if they made a reccomendation :roll: :roll: :roll:
  31. Craig


    :cry: Me too mate, me too :cry:
  32. Craig

    Shock News!

    Well this thread made it on air :wink:
  33. Craig

    Be prepared...

    If they would rather watch Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea etc, why do we want them at our matches?? I don't.
  34. Craig

    Warming the Bench

    Paul Dickov left for personal reasons, his wife wanted a move up north, no-one can fault him for putting his family first. Money played no part in it as MA has publicly said that he offered Paul the exact same amount of money that Blackburn did. I'm sure if Janet Dickov didn't want to move back...
  35. Craig

    Songs for Dennis Wise

    ... and Mark McGhee
  36. Craig


    The stewarding at this club is far from a joke, it's appauling. It's evident from this thread that there is no respect held for them. Because of the standards of stewarding we have, i expected to be warned numerous times at Derby about my behaviour, that wasn't the case, and the stewards were...
  37. Craig


    :roll: :wink:
  38. Craig

    trapped in the derby car park

    :lol: I kept honkin the horn and some women gave me the dirtiest look ever :roll:
  39. Craig

    who should take our penalties?

    And Dickov never missed did he :roll:
  40. Craig

    trapped in the derby car park