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    Pre Match Cardiff v Leicester

    Under normal circumstances a game we would be expected to win. However it will depend on the players mental awareness/concentration I think the team will be determined to put in a good performance I hope Soyuncu keeps his place and maybe Ricardo dropping to full back with Albrighton out wide...
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    Pre Match Leicester v West Ham

    i think Vardy and Gray will start if they feel ready, id like to see Suyuncu start , its been a while coming but ive great hopes for this boy. Im sure it will be a tough game but feel confident we can clinch a 3-1 win Vardy Iheanacho, Gray
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    Pre Match Arsenal v Leicester

    Hopefully the international break wil ldisrupt Arsenals winning sequence. One day Puel will surprise us and play Soyuncu with Mguire to form our best central defensive partenership (imo next season when Benkovic returns we will finally be well equiped for a 3 man central defence). This is always...
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    Pre Match Leicester City v Everton

    unchanged team , same effort/performance and 2-0 win Vardy 2
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    Pre Match Newcastle Vs Leicester

    id like to see Iborra fitted in somewhere, Vardy can get at thier defence if Maddison can get on the ball , im confident we can beat these 0-2 Vardy Iheanacho
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    Pre Match Wolves v Leicester, League Cup round 3

    i wanmt a win noinjuries and a few youngsters involved, im sure they will field a weakened side, we should have a better squad im going for a 1-2 win Ghezzal Iheanacho
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    Pre Match Leicester v Huddersfield

    Need a solid good peformance that should be good enoughto win this 2-0 Vardy 2
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    Pre Match Bournemouth v Leicester

    Amatch were well capable of winning but were due a draw, i think 1-1 Vardy
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    Academy Under 23s / Youth 2018/19

    Was Soyunca impressive?
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    Pre Match Leicester v Fleetwood (league Cup)

    Idoubt we will make 11 changes , its a game we want/should win. Fleetwood have improved significantly since last season and we needed a reply to get past them Iwould certainly rest Kasper Harry and Wilf any 11 from the rest if organised and with the right attitude should be too strong i think a...
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    Pre Match Southampton v Leicester

    imo Synocu was bought for a place in the starting 11. Initially i thought he may play in front of the back 4 but maybe Ndidi/Mendy may be given a run of games.and he could replace Evans. Whatever team is selected we should be capable og competing against these im going for a 1-2 win Iheanacho Gray
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    Pre Match Leicester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers

    id like to see a change in formation , certainly for homw games and play 2 up front , maybe 4132 Hopefully Evans in for Morgan. Armartey certain to be dropped. I think Wolves will play very deep so we will need to be patient and wait for an opening. If we play well we will beat these, i reckon...
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    Confirmed Transfer Çağlar Söyüncü

    work permit hopefully confirmed soon , appears way to good not to be in the starting 11 my theory 4132 he is to patrol in front of back 4
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    Confirmed Transfer Çağlar Söyüncü

    Has the potential to be our best signing in years. The so called massive clubs (united city arsenal) all chased him a while ago. Well they can feck off hes a fox!!!
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    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

    makes sense to bring in U23 yo players as we dont need to register them on the official 25 name list
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    Pre Match Manchester United v Leicester

    it will be interesting to see Maguire/Vardy attitude/fitness this week. Hopefully fit enough for the bench i would start Johnson over Benaloune and Siva over Iborra. Certainly hope Maddison is fit. Idont think all is well at United, maybe we can exploit thier defensive weakness and sneek a 1-1...
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    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

    Add Knight and Johnson into the bracket of potential back-up defenders
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    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

    We have known for a year Mahrez was leaving , now with transfer window about to shut were alledgedly in talks with Pepe Promes Janazai and Hazard!!
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    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

    its getting too close to the deadline to arrange a huge transfer, eg how long did the Mahrez deal take?? Id like to see theowners issue a "hands off statement", and Harry to issue an "im happy im staying" statement.
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    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

    If this is true we need to step up the interest before the "bigger clubs"pounce We were previously linked with him prior to him going Barca, would be awesome signing
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    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

    i hope Roberts isnt seen as the "Mahrez replacement", im sure he would make a decent squad player but we need a better quality player to be a regular starter eg Traore
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    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

    he was my choice to replace Mahrez, maybe Puelhas an alternative in mind eg Anderson
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    Confirmed Transfer James Maddison

    Excellent signing, he will be pivotal in the set up ie feed wide men Vardy and score goals, future England international and sure to be a crowd favourite very quickly
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    The Mahrez Saga

    £60mil+ Roberts snatch their hands off ...£45 +Roberts probably fair, but we dont need players who arent committed so let him go squeee every last penny include £35 mill buy back clause as they did with Nacho
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    Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded summer 2018 rumours thread.

    Anderson is the type of quality player we should be chasing to replace Mahrez
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    The Mahrez Saga

    Maybe the delay is us not releasing until we sign replacement. The £60mill is fair but if the "add-ons" are based on appearances we best be carefull. The add-ons should be based on Man City achievements
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    Speculation Ricardo Pereira

    According to a few sites it appears a deal has been agreed, hope so a talented right back who plays for the current European Champions must be an improvement on Simpson. It appears Puel can attract quality players
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    Pre Match Tottenham v Leicester

    So another season over, before a ball was kicked id have took 9th with last game at Wembley The owners have been true to their word ie backed Puel until the end of the season Id oubt the outcome f this game will have much of an effect on their decision. If they still think Puel is the man to...
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    Pre Match Leicester v Arsenal

    i hope the team shows some fighting spirit because if not we will get hammerred We may as well blood a few youngsters such as Huges and Thomas Im hoping for a 1-1 draw but fearing a drubbing
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    Pre Match Leicester v West Ham

    Possibly Puels last game (certainly if another horror show. Iteresting to see what changes CP makes and how the players respond. im hoping player pride will be enough to secure a 2-1 win Iheanacho Vardy
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    Next manager?

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    Next manager?

    Marco Silva... out of work Premier League experince, has worked with several of our squad eg Maguire Siva Slimani
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    Pre Match Crystal Palace v Leicester City

    Keep Zaha quiet and defend set pieces we can get a draw 1-1 Vardy
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    Pre Match Burnley v Leicester

    Our last chance to keep the season alive, anything but a win and the flipflops will certainly be out for the remaining games. Ithink we will adopt a defensive formation and hope to sneek a goal, i think it will be a hard fought drab 1-1 draw Vardy
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    Pre Match Leicester v Newcastle

    chance for Siva then to partner Iborra
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    Pre Match Brighton v Leicester

    hard fought win i predict 1-2 Vardy Okazaki
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    Pre Match Leicester City Vs Chelsea FA Cup Quarter Final

    I think the team will be fired up for this game. Hopefully the good points taken from the WBA win and our strongest team selected. Difficult game but if we perform to our capabilities certainly one we can win. Im predicting a 2-1 win Vardy Gray
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    Pre Match West Bromwich Albion v Leicester

    They are an out of form demoralised team but were not much better. Hopefully this could kick start a decent run of form When we were performing well both Dragovic and Iborra were starting yet recently appear out of the picture. Puel needs to sort out the best formation and personnel or he too...
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    Pre Match Leicester v Bournemouth

    We must get the balance/formation right ie be competetive, not overan in midfield and provide some kind of creativity either from wide or central areas. A win needed to lift morale in the camp and for the fans, Early goal and a 3-1 win Vardy2 Iheanacho
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    Post Match Leicester 1 Stoke 1

    Another frustrating game. I admire Puel for attempting to play a more possessioon/passing style ,but have we the quality?? Today we never took control of the midfield for a minute (and against Stoke at home). When Iborra has played although he lacks energy/pace he keeps/controls the ball, as...