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  1. trickytrev

    MK Dons

    Wimbledon FC have been granted permission to change their name to Milton Keynes Dons FC as of next season. I think the football League and The MK Dons have made a wise choice here, keeping up the pretence they had anything to do with Wimbledon was foolish. It still shows that they only had...
  2. trickytrev

    Released players.

    I have gone through all of the released players in the Premier League. I have mentioned all of the oens that I see as realistic tranfer targets i.e not beyond the realms of possibility. (cainy). Rami Shaaban Martin Keown Dion Dublin Ronny Johnsen Richard Rufus Teddy Sherringham Darren...
  3. trickytrev

    I am a mole.

    France vs. Ukraine on Eurosport right now if any one is interrested.
  4. trickytrev


    Looks like he will be on his way out at Portsmouth. Harry has just digned Andy Griffin , who is alsoa right back, on a free tranfer Good riddiance in the second division maybe the third. Exactly where you belong.
  5. trickytrev

    The old Golden boot

    Would go for Pauleta but I have a sneaku suspicion that Portugal will go out first round. So I am going to go for Fernando Morientes so as not to be boring.
  6. trickytrev

    If you were The England Manger

    which 23 players would you take with you to Portugal. (only from those available) Walker James Robinson P Neville Johnson Carragher Bridge A Cole Terry Campball W Brown Hargreaves Gerrard Beckham J Cole Lampard Scholes Jenas (Dyer if fit) Rooney Owen Vassell Heskey...
  7. trickytrev

    Marcus Bent

    Which position do you thjink this man is best in??? I am a fan of the lad but think he is a far better winger than he is centre forward, this is because he can beat a player and is actually quite a good defender. He also brings the ball out of our half really well to. Plus he is not the...
  8. trickytrev

    Who Will Win Euro 2004?

    Tell me what you think and why. I am gonna go for Italy because i just can't see anyone scoring any past nesta, Cannavarro and buffon. I also think with Totti and Del Piero playing well for the first time in 3 years that they will have the creativity. Outside bet has to be Czcech Republic...
  9. trickytrev

    What song should we have before the match?

    As the bloke from the trust said i think we should have a vote. and then e mail it to him and the club. I have taken some of your suggestions.
  10. trickytrev

    How many points ere we going to get next season?

    Look at the fixtures and guess how many points we are going to collect next year.
  11. trickytrev

    player of the decade

    I am only fifteen years old so my memory can only just go back this far but i was wondering who you guys thought was the best of all the players we ever had in the last ten years My vote has to to Izzet has been great for so long and has been loyal aswell has being class and his performance...