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Anyone heard of a scam involving Megasoft Solution

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Motown Fox

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Had a guy on the phone earlier today telling my wife that I owed over £200 to Megasoft which he said was due to them for network security on my computer and he was very aggressive saying that if not paid they will take me to Court.

His name was Oliver but he was either Indian or similar and when I rang the number given I spoke to someone who called himself James, also of Indian or similar descent. He wouldn't look into anything without a phone number, which I wouldn't give him and I'd put 141 before their number of course.

Looking at some info on the net it appears they give the impression of being legitimate but they are a scam I'm sure.
Anyone had a similar experience or heard of this type of thing


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Was the number 02031261331?

The Indian company seems to be legit, but there is no evidence of active uk interest. A company by that name is reported as dissolved.

The above number is used for several scams including megasoft. They are using genuine company's names but obviously aren't affiliated.


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Obviously its a scam, surprised you neef to ask.

Probably the same aggressive wankers who call saying there is a virus on the laptop or pc you are using.
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