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Match Thread Burnley v Leicester

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Surprised that Gray gets another start, to be honest, but generally that’s as good as we’ve got


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Surprised that Gray gets another start, to be honest, but generally that’s as good as we’ve got
I thought the same but I suppose with Ghezzal the other option there, it's 6 of one and half a dozen of the other at present.


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Team makes sense as they've lost the last 3 and have the joint worst defense in the league so no need for us to sit back and overload the defense.

Really important we don't concede first here though as they will make it difficult if so.

Should be able to do these anti-football duffers comfortably although I do think the conditions are more likely to play into their hands than ours.

Interesting game but hopeful we will come out on top.

Brown Nose

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Our two central defenders will win or lose this for us. We're very outnumbered physically and the conditions are awful so heading it away and not being bullied is key.

I can't really see our technical players enjoying the afternoon. However, if they do, it will be a major plus for this group and their mentality.


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**** sake

Looked good going forward and then wide open at the back and now down to 10.

Going to be a long afternoon now.


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We had plenty of sending-offs under mild mannerd Puel. I thought this would change a little. At least this sending off wasn't for violence on the pitch.
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