Match Thread Cardiff v Leicester

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Proud of them already. Don't think I'd keep my shit together if I was in the stands never mind on the pitch.


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That's probably the best selection he's made for weeks - well done, Claude

All you can do is admire them all for being out there today. The scoreline for me will be irrelevant, but they won't be thinking that

Feckin' good luck to you, boys


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Not sure what Soyuncu has done to get dropped. Ibora too.
Teams ok, although our reserves should beat these.

Jimmy Lad

Don’t like really discussing the selection as it seems inappropriate but not sure what Iborra did wrong last week. Whatever... go lads we’re proud of you.


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It's the lineup that I think at the start of the season looked our strongest starting XI.

Makes sense for today.

Tough job for all today.

Proud of them for stepping out there.


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NBC are predicting that Gray will play behind Vardy, with Maddison on the right. I expect they're wrong.

Rock Fox

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We all face this match with heavy hearts. It feels like we just have to get through this game somehow and then put it behind us before we can begin to look forward. Just do your best lads - that's all


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Anyone know which foreign channels this is on?
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Man, that was tough to watch. Schmeichel in tears really got me.

RIP Vichai.
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