Champions League

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Money talks, but it don't sing and dance, and it can't walk.
Money is a wanker.
Quicker than I expected.

I mean that's what this is all about in the end, wearing people down and getting them so used to Saudi being talked about that it's natural progression.

It's sad that I want us to get promoted naturally but also that I don't really want anything to do with football at the level we are striving for.
Celtic won't even drop down to the Europa League.
I'm still struggling with whether or not to back them to finish with 0 points. Probably not as I don't think the odds will be any value. Plus they could nick a point at home to Feyenoord & ruin it all.

Also had a feeling about laying Arsenal to qualify but their group looks easier than I'd hoped. Keeping the money in my pocket by the look of things. Disappointing. No obvious ricks on the outright prices either, not like last year when there was a glaring **** up. Oh well, back to the horses I guess.
I normally want to see home country teams do well in Europe, but there is something rather nice about seeng this self righteous bunch of ****s implode.
Casemiro getting sent off , lovely bonus

As for Ratface, slap him ref

Galatasary hadn’t won an ECL game for 5 years or an ECL match in 17.

Bloody love it
Sure Zaha did as well
Old Trafford was full of Galatasaray fans
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P Pld Pts
3Leeds Utd1938
5West Brom1932
6Hull City1930
7Blackburn 1928
8Preston 1928
11Cardiff City1927
13Norwich City1926
14Bristol City1925
16Plymouth 1922
17Coventry City1922
18Swansea City1921
20Stoke City1921
23Rotherham Utd1913
24Sheffield W1910

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