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Does anybody read fiction here?


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Looked back through the last few years of threads without finding one on the books we read so:

Over the last few months I've finished all of the books related to the malazan world of Steven Eriksen. If you like Science Fantasy at an incredibly deep universal god like level then you'll love these books. Imo they are even better than the Game of Thrones world and books.

I've also just read the last couple of books by Harlen Coben. I find that his style of writing just keeps me turning the pages over and once started I find it hard to put his books down until they are finished.

Read the five Camel Club books by David Baldacci

and I'm presently trying out a series by CJ Box. i'm on the second of the Joe Pickett Series. Not yet sure if I'll keep going as they are a little predictable but the writing makes me want to find out nonetheless.

Mostly I'm a Sci-fantasy and pulp detective novel reader. If anyone has any recommendations please let me hear.


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While he's asking from the dark side and via a time machine, nah. I've not actually read a book since I was about 10 which probably doesn't surprise many. I've read plenty fake news though.


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The timetable for the 48a is a remarkable work of fiction
I found it a bit circular.

Interestingly (or not), the 48a passes near my place of birth. I'd have 'alighted' (I've always like that word) at Leopold Street. I wonder if there's a blue plaque?
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