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spionfox wants to know why the OS states that Fox Travel coaches are leaving today at 10:30 when at worst it should only take a couple of hours to Donny.


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Don't forget Fox Travel will stop for an hour at a motorway services.

Our coach is leaving at 11am. I'll be in my bestest's car and we are stopping for Bacon cobs on the way at bestest's elder daughters before heading up to Donny about 1ish from where they live(just outside Mansfield)

Motown Fox

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Anyone going on the train via Sheffield might like to try the pub called the Sheffield Tap the frontage of which is next to Sheffield station and the back which overlooks Platform 1. (no access this way though)

They have a large selection of Real Ales Lagers etc and this below is happening next Tuesday

Alex Barlow, arguably the UK's leading authority on beer tasting and author of the excellent and renowned All Beer Guide, is giving a tutored tasting session at the Sheffield Tap on Tuesday May 3rd. The session will include a chance to sample at least 6 different beers from the Tap's more than generous selection, encompassing various styles of ale, lager and lambic beer. You will spend approximately 1 and a half hours with Alex who will give you a fascinating insight into the world of beer and how best to enjoy it. The price also includes an All Beer Flavourmax glass, a premium quality lead-free crystal glass, specially selected to maximise the flavours across the full range of beer styles. Yes, it's yours to take home with you!

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