Europa League 2020/21 Group Stage Draw

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The group stage draw takes place at 12noon on Friday.

48 teams will go into the draw.

So far the following 27 teams ( listed with coefficients) are qualified:

91.000 Arsenal (ENG)
80.000 Roma (ITA)
77.000 Napoli (ITA)
70.000 Benfica (POR)
61.000 Leverkusen (GER)
56.000 Villarreal (ESP)
44.000 CSKA Moskva (RUS)
41.000 Braga (POR)
39.500 Gent (BEL)
30.500 Sparta Praha (CZE)
27.500 Slavia Praha (CZE)
22.000 Rapid Wien (AUT)
22.000 Leicester (ENG)
21.000 PAOK (GRE)
20.456 Real Sociedad (ESP)
18.500 AZ (NED)
17.000 Feyenoord (NED)
16.500 Maccabi Tel-Aviv (ISR)
15.000 Molde (NOR)
14.956 Hoffenheim (GER)
12.500 Zorya Luhansk (UKR)
11.849 LOSC (FRA)
11.849 Nice (FRA)
7.580 Royal Antwerp (BEL)
6.720 Sivasspor (TUR)
6.585 Wolfsberg (AUT)
5.350 Omonoia (CYP)

City Fan

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Just can’t get excited about the draw knowing we can’t be there.


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I think it looks like a brilliant competition this season. Some excellent teams in there.


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It does, it’s just a bit gutting as there could have been some cracking away trips there.

Absolutely, and as someone who would have travelled even without a ticket I am definitely missing out.

It will just be nice to have something different to get involved in rather than the PL.


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Same as others really, just not the same with us not being able to travel but I'll still be watching along:



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The whole idea of coefficients is bollocks. The reason we are in the draw is because we finished higher than Arsenal (and Tottenham assuming they win their qualifier). We're better than them. We should be seeded higher than them

Mike - True Blue Tinter

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I assume 'coefficients' reflects historical participation in euro cups?

But didn't we go straight into Pot 1 for CL when we were champions in 2016?

Brown Nose

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I assume 'coefficients' reflects historical participation in euro cups?

But didn't we go straight into Pot 1 for CL when we were champions in 2016?

The number one qualifier for the CL are automatically put into Pot 1. Hence we went into it when we won the league.

The number one qualifier for the EL don't get any preferential treatment. Hence we're at the mercy of our poor coefficient.

Of course it makes no sense.

The fact is that you have to regularly qualify for european football to stand a better chance of progressing. The problem with the PL is that there are 7 european spaces and probably a dozen sides that are 'big' enough to sustain a decent run in europe.

It's why we should hate any decent sized club doing well, e.g. Villa, Leeds, Everton, West Ham, Newcastle.
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Looking forward to the draw! Yes, it's a shame we can't get to the games as the Europa League away trips have cheap Ryanair flights written all over them, but I'm excited to see us in Europe again!

Hopefully we can go a long way in this. I hope we get a kind draw so we can get through the Group Stage with squad rotation.


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The coefficient is one of the more brazenly corrupt moves in football. Designed entirely to protect the existing order.

Exactly the same reason why failure in the Champions League is rewarded with a place in the Europa League.


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Pot three looks harder than pot 2 so who cares about coefficient


My local team just got through (Granada CF), hopefully they'll meet City in the later stages when there might be spectators.

Ike O'Noclassed

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As far as I can see, only the top two coefficient clubs (plus Tottingham) have a higher wage bill than LCFC, so I'm not sure why we should be quaking in our boots at any draw that's coming along tomorrow, except possibly our record in knockout competitions recently.
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