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Fantasy Premier League 2019-20

Jimmy Lad

Does anyone know the League code to join the Talking Balls league this season?
I'm already registered from earlier seasons but my lad is trying to get in. All the codes I have tried from earlier years posts don't seem to work.


Staff member
One of the old TB leagues is still running, but I don't know the code to enter it. Teams already in it will be entered automatically. Maybe the owner could post the code here.

I've set up a new one, the code to enter is zaa31z

You can enter here: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/


Well-Known Member
I set one up last season but I can’t renew it for some reason... Anyways, I saw your email and I’ve signed up for this one, thanks Jeff!


Well-Known Member
I'm into this one - at the minute the old one is bigger though. Hopefully everyone comes on board with the new one.


Well-Known Member

I think that should work for the old one. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t let me in earlier.

Funky Fox

Active Member
Yeah I found that myself. Kept thinking I was doing something wrong.

Once I had put the team together and then joined different leagues which are at work on a Footy Banter page on Facebook etc.as well.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool 16  46
Leicester 16  38
Manchester City 16  32
Chelsea 16  29
Manchester Utd 16  24
Wolves 16  24
Tottenham  16  23
Sheffield Utd 16  22
Arsenal 16  22
10 Palace 16  22
11 Newcastle Utd 16  22
12 Brighton 16  19
13 Burnley 16  18
14 Everton 16  17
15 Bournemouth 16  16
16 West Ham Utd 16  16
17 Aston Villa 16  15
18 Southampton 16  15
19 Norwich City 16  11
20 Watford 16  9