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Football Room 101


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Kids who aren't in the family stand. I need to swear at football.
Plastic glasses.
Klackers, horns, drums, trumpets or any other annoying noisy ****s.
Keith Stroud.
Mike Ashley.
Sunday games.
Gaily coloured boots.
Anyone earning more than £1m per year.
Nivea for men. It's for girls ffs.
Ian Holloway.


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Following 'swoop', 'admit' is another (though not football specific)

As in the mockery's "Peréz admits the Evian training camp was good" Wtf, is to admit about it? Did he previously state he thought it was going to be a pile of cack? Did he keep it a secret that he was going? He admits nothing by saying he thought it was good.
I hope they interrogated him. Admit it. ADMIT IT YA BASTARD!!!


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Manchester United, their **** hobbit manager, Alex ****face Ferguson and any **** who signs for them. It’s not the 90s. They are shite.


Water Gypsy
I never went in the family stand when I was a kid. But then, I knew that what I heard at the football did not come home with me - which was part of the fun
Thinking back to the 50s and early 60s at Ayresome Park, the language was probably worse in the boys' end than where my dad went on the West End terrace.


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The word ‘baller’ used in a footballing (actually in any) context. I heard someone say Cags was a real baller. This isn’t America. Stuff the word baller up your candy ass.


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There must be a shop somewhere in London that only sells stuff to dimwitted footballers with more money than sense. Thats the only explanation for that ****ing monstrosity Bellerin is wearing. What the **** is it? Looks like it's been stitched together by depressed chimps as some sort of experiment. Then left half finished when they got bored.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  15
Manchester City  10
Tottenham   8
Manchester Utd  8
Leicester  8
Chelsea  8
Arsenal  8
Bournemouth  7
West Ham Utd  7
10 Southampton  7
11 Everton  7
12 Palace  7
13 Norwich City  6
14 Burnley  5
15 Sheffield Utd  5
16 Brighton  5
17 Newcastle Utd  4
18 Aston Villa  3
19 Wolves  3
20 Watford  2

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