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Alright lads? Hope your keeping safe and well in this pandemic and the heat?

Everton fan here. Over the years because of time constraints I haven’t seen a lot of the Foxes unless on MOTD or v Everton. But what do you make of Grey of a signing out of interest? People seemed to rave about him on the radio before he dropped off the face of the planet from what I heard unless I got it wrong?

from what I can see is he’s a good player but not as good as what you already had, but better than Walcott and Iowbi (which granted isn’t hard!)

feedback appreciated


It's great news for us, especially if he's intended as being a first-teamer. Several managers tried to play him and realised he really isn't good enough for this level. You'll get the odd piece of skill, but much more running into people, making the wrong final decision and just generally not looking arsed.

Blue Maniac

Alzheimers sufferer
Is Walcott recently had his legs removed? If so then Gray might be better than Walcott.

Signed for us at 19, left us at 24 the exact same player. Several successive managers had no use for him, although I seem to recall one tried him very briefly as a lone striker (not recommended).

The lad is shite.


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He is a championship player. Has talent but very limited football intelligence.

Blue Maniac

Alzheimers sufferer
Of course, getting thrown in the deep end for one of the ‘Europe or thereabouts’ type clubs could give him the opportunity to grow as a player, but it’ll require a lot of patience from everyone and you’ll probably lose points on the way. And he might still come out the other side shite.

pork pie fox

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He's got a tick list of things that should make him a better player than he is in reality. He either lacks maturity, work ethic, or intelligence, or some combination of them, as he didn't seem able to progress from when he joined us in the first place.


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Mate, he’s complete and utter shite

In fact, I’m not sure he’s that good

A truly ****ing hopeless wanker

Best of luck…


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Always looks a bit glum. If that's what is needed then you've got a good one.


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He doesn’t really beat defenders with skill but he can’t really knock the ball past them and run either because he’s not strong enough to hold them off.

He’s confident enough to always want to take free kicks but I don’t remember him ever getting one near the goal.

Never really seemed to find the right moment to cross a ball and was completely ineffective against a deep defence.

Couldn’t tell you what his best position is, he’s a right winger, left winger, wide player, attacking midfielder. Four different managers couldn’t get anything out of him across all of those positions.

The easy way out for him is to cut inside and shoot, which occasionally paid off for him but any decent defence can stop him from doing it.

Came across as a bit of a dickhead as well but thats probably a completely unfair opinion based on hearsay from social media and shit. Plus he always carried a face like a smashed crab.

Think there’s a reason Leverkusen binned him off after six months and he cost next to nothing for a reasonably experienced former England under 21 international.

Brown Nose

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I guarantee that he'll drift out of professional football before he's 30.

He's a waste of time and energy to any half decent coach. He had talent but absolutely no application or intelligence.

If he's good enough for Everton, you're in big trouble.

City Fan

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If the strong rumours were correct in that we rejected a £20m offer from Bournemouth, that would be one of the worst transfer decisions we have ever made.


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Over all the time he was with Leicester he had about half a dozen good games. His best ones were in the PL winning season when he came on in the last 5-10 minutes and helped close a game out.


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Can’t wait to read this thread again in May when they’ve finished above us and he’s scored in both games against us.


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Complete and utter shit


Water Gypsy
He's not as good as he would like to think he is but you'll find out that for yourselves. Meanwhile we'll snigger.
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