I’m a celebrity.

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That piece from the Saturdays is a bit fit, though, ain't she

Roll on the shower scenes


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Dear Rebecca's description of who she was was 'my husband plays for England'

Not he's a footballer, no mention of plays for Leicester, but simply 'plays for England'
Watching for the first-(because gf wanted to see it) and last-time. What a bunch of vacuous cretins. Don’t know who half of them are.

Did note the wise asked Rebekah if she was popular in Leicester. Because he knows he ain’t!!


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It's only a meaningless reality TV show with vacuous Z listers, but the pairing of Vardy's missus (who actually ain't that hot) with the cack eyed **** will ensure an audience from City folk. Trouble is, if the 'relationship' remains as it is (cordial, friendly, no animosity etc...) I'm sure there will be elements of our cretin branch who will look to blame Jamie!

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I'd love her to say to W*se "Jamie tells me that I need to ask you about your time at Leicester and Callum somebody"


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Looks like his missus has bigger balls than some blokes. She was holding that bloke out of Hollyoaks hand to comfort HIM not the other way round!
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