Internationals November 2018

Mike - True Blue Tinter

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Okazaki can deputise for Maddison.

Evans has not been the best so far, maybe Simpson can help strengthen the back line?

Who knows who will be able to cope with emotions, jet-lag and grief on the day?

Red Leicester

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I see there's the usual interset in these totally pointless breaks.
But I do agree with a post on another thread that we could use a rest after the recent tragic and emotional events.


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Oh, and Sanchi is absolute mustard.
I didn’t see the game last night but I have been watching a bit of Bumdesliga this season. He can actually cross a football! He gets the ball, beats his man (just the once) and delivers really good crosses. Amazing to see a young winger do that.


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I think that he was taken off to protect him for the next match. He reminds me of Kenny Sansom who had 86 caps for England. I think that his position as left sided defender is his to lose over the next 10 years and that he could become the highest capped full-back in the history of the English game. I remember when I first saw him in a meaningless cup game a few years ago and I said to myself "who the f*ck is that".

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