Post Match Leeds 3 Leicester 1

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I think I could take finishing second to Southampton or Ipswich if it meant those bottom feeders lose in the playoffs

As long as we're top 2 i couldn't give a **** who else is there. Next season we'll need a fair bit of work if we go up. Would have been nice to take advantage of the lead we had to start planning early.
Reminds me of the Bournemouth performance from a few years back.

Nah - that Spurs game when we turned victory into defeat in the space of a couple of minutes of complete bowel explosion all round
Perfectly good second goal


Nowt you can do about a decision like that without demanding VAR to ruin every other game. It was defo Ted style shitting ourselves as evidenced by everyone on our team shitting themselves to throw a 1-0 lead to lose 3-1 and drowning in faeces.
If we **** this up now, it’ll be the biggest job in recent years, and we’ve had a few recently.
Until the 4th of May he's achieved precisely nothing & if he's got anything about him he'd tell you that himself.
Surely every time you win a game (or even a draw sometimes) it's an achievement? So, isn't winning more games than everyone else a bit of an achievement? I think it's fair to say, so far we achieved more than everyone else. I've been under the impression that we've been playing in a league table, rather than a knock-out competition?
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Felt sorry for Hamza for that awful deflection that then hit Faes, as he'd had a good game, although he was at fault on a couple of occasions, he put his body in the way or tackled throughout His passing was okay too.

We move on- QPR is the important game now. Bournemouth we keep back the 11 playing QPR and just put out a mix of the first team squad who are not playing QPR and some of the youngsters who have been in the squad this season with Ward in goal. Vardy leave for the bench on Saturday in case he's not fully fit. The FA Cup subs should be a few of the better players and a couple of youngsters who have still to debut.
I wonder if the closeness of the chasing pack will get our shit fans off their arse at home games now?

A bit of jeopardy might wake the half dead ****ers up
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