Leic County Cricket 2023

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Liew is an extremely good writer. Imho of course. Eschews the worn and finds a fresh way to paint the picture and draw you in.
Now I’ve seen the score at 60/9 I full expect a tenth wicket century stand. Wish I’d not looked at my phone.
Right, now to see if they can capitalise and keep it tight until close. Although don’t think that is in Budinger’s nature.
Worcs need 27 to win with 3 wickets left.
I maintain we lost this match losing both openers going at a stupid run rate on the first evening. Gave us some crucial runs to set the chase, but could have done with them being there Friday morning.
LCCC. The gift that keeps on giving.

Whether its scoring the thick end of 600 & still managing to lose by an innings or skittling the opposition for 83 & still finding a way to lose. They can do the lot.

A team for the ****ing ages.
not off to a great start in the blast, bowled out for 99 with more than an over to go
So much for all that optimism of a few weeks back. Utterly shite at all forms of the game. As ****ing usual.
We need a win today so we can try and avoid leaving ourselves such a mountain to climb in the second half of the campaign as we did last year.

Is anyone else’s stream a bit choppy?
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
1Manchester City3889
3Manchester Utd3875
4Newcastle Utd3871
7Aston Villa3861
8Tottenham 3860
14West Ham Utd3840
16Nottm F3838
19Leeds Utd3831