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Post Match Leicester 0 Chelsea 0


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For the first time this season, including evening kick offs, I was unable to get a decent stream. So I have no idea how we played or what the game was like. The biggest peeve for me is that I didn't get to hear the reception Shinji got when he came on.


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We played ok. Nothing spectacular, but more than a match for Chelsea which is good to see. They spurned some good chances and so did we. Over all a top 10 finish isn't bad going for anyone outside of the 'big 6'. I'd like to see us add some creative wide players in the summer. If we can do that and keep the team together I don't see why we can't break into the top 6 ourselves. We've done well against most of them even this season..


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6 points separated us from 7th in the end and we pissed away double that under Puel's reign. It's a shame really but at least we can be positive going forward. A couple of shrewd purchases should be enough for us to do very well next season providing we keep our best players.

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Terrible match between two teams that looked tired and in need of a holiday.

I think that it was pretty clear from the after match interview from Rodgers that not all the players we want to keep are going to be here in August. He spoke of one or two players that may want to leave and how that will dictate their future. Bye Harry!

Nice to see Shinji and Danny get a few minutes. Two special players that will forever be legends of our great club. Good luck to you both.
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