Post Match Leicester 1 - Southampton 2


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Worst performance under Brendan. We had a little spell after we opened the scoring on the counter, against the run of play, but the tide was turned again after their fortunate equaliser and they ran out comfortable winners after that..


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BR ****ed up with his selection again! I am a firm believer it is always advantageous to play with eleven players on the pitch but that is just me. Perez and Barnes absolutely shocking and Chillwell was absolutely awful today!
our best player was schmeical and that says everything


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Is Choudhury on the take? I lost count of the number of times he had a chance to pass the ball forward to someone is acres of space but instead sent it back to Schmeichel. That was just horrible to watch from the start.

Rock Fox

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Deserved loss - Southampton played positively and the much better side. Gave the ball away numerous times, passing through to our strikers was pathetic - whats the point of adding Nacho and Grey if they are not fed decent balls?


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They did absolutely nothing special. Nothing at all. They were average & that was enough to win. If you're going to get a CL place you win these games comfortably. The wins against West Ham & the Toon were against 2 terrible sides. Add in the abject surrenders to Citeh & the Scouse filth & there are worrying signs. things need to step up a gear as a matter of urgency & I really hope Brendan can see it.

FOX Franks

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That was really poor. The worst we’ve played for ages. Had Southampton been better at finishing they might have pulled back the aggregate a lot further.
Chilwell had another Joe Mattock day.


Two many prats on the pitch today. Except for one Praet who wasn't a prat. Pity the others were less like prats and more like Praet.

Miles Away

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Could write a book.

A few top line points: out approach for the last few games has looked arrogant and far too many players are buying their own press.

The pace at which we are playing is pedestrian and even when 2-1 down we are ponderous and faffing.

Barring the various Palace games That was as bad as anything I saw under Puel, honestly.

This better serve as a wake up call and if I were Rodgers I’d have a long look at the players that performed well when we made ten changes against West Ham.

Justin, Mendy, Albrighton, Nacho should play for Chilwell, Barnes, Perez and Tielemans. A message needs sending.
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