Post Match Leicester 2 Crystal Palace 1

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At half time I really couldn't see a way back in. I need to have more faith in Kelechi.


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Going to listen to the irritating ****s on Sky just so I can watch that goal again


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Looked much much better when he finally took Maddison and Thomas off - they were ****ing rubbish

Utter cocksucking brilliance from Nacho saved the day and on we march

Not pretty, but who gives a shit


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HUGE win!

To turn that around from half time shows how far this team has grown.

We wouldn't have done that last season and that's going to be the difference to seal the top 4 spot this season.

The win, and the manner of the win, are huge steps towards the job being done


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Big big big ****ing biggly big win that

Brown Nose

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Totally different style of match and performance to the WBA game. We were well off of our game all night. We looked very tired.

But we scrapped it out for the points. Massive result that. It will give them such a boost. We are now on the same total (62) that we ended with last season.

Mind the gap West Ham, Liverpool, Spurs and Everton.

Roll out again on Friday night and see if we can do it again. With Iheanacho in the side, nothing is impossible.


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Nacho is doing things nowadays that are totally unbelievable compared to how he was a year ago.
Brenda N'Rodgers doing him some good?

As has been said before. He's not a man who can play as a lone striker running onto balls.

He needs a partner to open up the play a bit.

Play to his strengths and he's fantastic.

Hes not great at the basics but he's fantastic at finishing and confidence is bringing out the best of that part of his game.
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