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Post Match Leicester 3 Arsenal 0


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Bloody glorious. What a fantastic performance.

We scored 3 goals and yet their best player was their keeper. Leno pulled off at least 3 very good saves.

That was very comfortable, we just needed to wait for the goals to kill it off.


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Scoreline a bit harsh on us tbh. Their keeper could have been man of the match.


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Easiest game of the season. They were so shit it's untrue and we were excellent; exceptional even, at times. Vardy, Maddison, Choudhury, Ricardo and Tielemans all brilliant but the others were also excellent.


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Quality. Even against 11 we were dominant. Evans, Choudhury, Tielemans and Albrighton the best of the best. Good to see our season isn't over.


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I love watching Choudhury play. Young players as tough and calm as him as rare as rocking horse shit. All our youngsters put that shower of shit to shame today, I can’t believe they even have a sniff of the he top 4.


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They were truly awful, but you can only beat what’s in front of you, and we were excellent

Bang on the money


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Always satisfying beating those whinging cheating twats, especially when you've absolutely pulled their pants down in doing so. It was almost a shame they had a man sent off as we bossed them even before that and it would have been interesting to see if we'd been able to maintain that and still go on to win the game. Could have been 5-6 or 7 today with some of the chances we had.

Brown Nose

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Today we proved why we have been underachieving this season. Somehow, Arsenal still have 15 points more than us.

A very good display. Evans was superb. Choudhury showed that we could probably do without Mendy next season as we can't keep three defensive midfielders happy.

We didn't actually have to play that well today. Some of our players weren't great but we were so easily the better side that it didn't matter.

Pity about the 3,000 City fans that couldn't be arsed to turn up today. There were loads of empty seats in the home end. Poor show.
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