Leicester Predictions League Cup Round 3


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Blaarev Blaarev
jb5000 jb5000


As in LPLC Round 1 and 2, the scoring system is the same as LPL.

Should Leicester win, the top half of the LPLC table will progress to the next round, the bottom half will be knocked out. As there are three teams left, a Leicester win will see two teams progress. If Leicester lose, we will have our champion immediately after the match.

As it's likely that there will be some duplicate predictions, there is a tie breaking system, as described below:

As well as predicting the score after normal time, predict the following:

1. Total number of corners (both teams) in the match during normal time.
2. Minute of first goal scored in the match (by either team) during normal time.
3. Total number of cards (both teams) in the match during normal time (yellow and red).

*Normal time means the 90 minutes plus any added time. It does not include extra time or penalty shoot outs.

The difference between your predictions and reality of all three tie breakers will be added together with the lowest score progressing to the next round (if they are in the top half of the table after tie breaking calculations have been factored in).

Whoever posts their predictions on this thread first gets exclusivity of those predictions. Anyone posting the exact same (4) predictions will not be entered into the competition.

Any entries that are incomplete will not be entered in to the competition.

Best of luck to the three remaining teams.

Get predicting!


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LPLC round 3 report:

A big upset in the LPL Cup with MUSSWELL_FOX edging out Blaarev on a tie-breaker.
jb5000 aced his prediction and coasts into the final. Lucky for him as had there been one more goal, he'd have been out!

PositionTeamPointsTie breaker score

So, we have our finalists! The final showdown will be contested by two teams vying for their first trophy. The enigmatic jb5000 and the underdog - MUSSWELL_FOX. Who will win?

Congratulations to both jb5000 jb5000 and MUSSWELL_FOX MUSSWELL_FOX - hopefully the final is an exciting one.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool 29  82
Manchester City 28  57
Leicester 29  53
Chelsea 29  48
Manchester Utd 29  45
Wolves 29  43
Sheffield Utd 28  43
Tottenham  29  41
Arsenal 28  40
10 Burnley 29  39
11 Palace 29  39
12 Everton 29  37
13 Newcastle Utd 29  35
14 Southampton 29  34
15 Brighton 29  29
16 West Ham Utd 29  27
17 Watford 29  27
18 Bournemouth 29  27
19 Aston Villa 28  25
20 Norwich City 29  21