Match Thread Leicester v Plymouth

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Excellent on his day. Blows hot and cold though.
He always will because of the way he throws himself into games. I can take that because he's very good for more often than he isn't. Literally the exact opposite of Nacho.
Whoa, is Cannon gonna finally happen?
I hope Cannon has a shot
A goal and assist for Daka, despite only playing a hour. I'd be happy for him to get more game time off that
Probably. But let's be absolutely honest, he didn't look much better than Nacho or Vardy. He missed from a yard out. A yard.

He tried hard and I'm glad he got a goal. He certainly deserves more time given how poor the others have been but I think we all know that he's a dud.
But Daka settled into it. His pass to Ndidi was cool-headed and precise. There's hope there at least.
We should have three or four more goals against this defending.
This is an ideal game for some our less regular players. Excellent.
In the same way that a dog running through a minefield or a drunk person chopping onions with a cleaver isn’t boring.
I hope the dog doesn't find any of the onions. They're poisonous to dogs, you know.
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