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Match Thread Leicester v Southampton

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Not too surprising then.

Slightly disappointing to see a packed midfield but then it is a return to the system that got us our recent wins.


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Nacho preferred to shinji on the bench.

Could lend credence to Shinji being on for a move.
It would make sense if it allows us to bring another option in too as we need it.

Shinji and Nacho both massively off form so an alternative would be good right now but Shinji does sadly appear to be coming to an end here whereas there is still a slight chance we can get more from Nacho as he has shown before.


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3 defensive midfielders at home to Soton

Can't ****ing wait for this.
I'm glad. I think it's our best line up and wandered what it'd be like to see the lineup that beat Man City and Chelsea against weaker opposition. He changed it up for a more offensive set up against Cardiff and look what happened there..


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8 defensive players at home to Southampton. Awesome.

And we wonder why we can’t break down these kind of teams.
Criticised in hindsight for changing a winning team for the loss to Cardiff.

Now criticised for reverting to said winning team.

Un-but not really-believable.

Fear not though, it is all set up for Barnes to come on for the second half and turn it around for us. :)
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