Pre Match Leicester v West Bromwich Albion

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This is such a fascinating title race. It could very possibly be the case that 3rd and 4th place finish with more than 90 points which is virtually unheard of.
They'll do us easy
Another Leicester City textbook move

These gave us 2k tickets so we give them 3,300 rather than sell them to our own fans.

****ing idiots
You've all wasted your money, regardless of the odds.
Southampton will not win all of their remaining games, so they won't get anymore that 94 points. Based on that prediction, if we win two of our last four (and lose the other two), we are almost certainly going to finish above them - there would have to be some BIG wins for Southampton, and some heavy defeats for us otherwise. Our goal difference is 12 better than Southampton.

I really think we need to go out guns a'blazin against West Brom and forget the possesion based stuff for a bit.
I hate late kick offs.
I hate Sunday kick offs.
I hate Friday kick offs.
I hate Monday kick offs. Hate them all.
And as for football on a Thursday...
I did the same as I did when Taylor came back with Palace and stood outside the the main entrance with a Rudkin out board.

That time I asked Taylor for the money back he ****ed up the wall and he gave me the most pathetic response in living memory........ At least I got the chance to be a football manger.

The fans of this club get what they deserve
This feels like a supervillain backstory.
Out of the last 4 games 3 are at home and that really does make all of the difference. The players seem to slacken off more at away games, at home the fans do not let it happen. At the last home game the ironic cheers from our fans when Faes passed the ball Fatawu you could see the light bulb turning on his head.

We should be the telling difference in performance and I think we will get a reaction from the players, there will also be vocal pressure on Maresca if he lets the game drift.

I think we will win this and make it nervous for the Baggies push for the play offs, if the chasing pack win their games of course.
We should not be letting Faes anywhere near the starting 11. Cody should be in until the end of the season. We need leaders.
Coady is massively short of match fitness now.

He's also liable to be exposed in a wide defensive position just as badly, if not more so, than Faes. It's Coady or Vestergaard and EM made his choice a long time ago.

The time has come and gone where we could make such a change.
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P Pld Pts
3Leeds Utd4690
5West Brom4675
6Norwich City4673
7Hull City4670
9Coventry City4664
10Preston 4663
11Bristol City4662
12Cardiff City4662
14Swansea City4657
17Stoke City4656
19Blackburn 4653
20Sheffield W4653
21Plymouth 4651
24Rotherham Utd4627