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Match Thread Manchester City v Leicester

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I really don't want Liverpool to win the title. I would also love it if we won tonight.

Man City to win 4-1.


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I thought we had a chance here. Decent enough record against them recently, I think we will be motivated by the occasion and Vardy loves these games.

Now I see they're without Fernandinho again and I'm sure we can get something. They're very exposed on the break when he doesn't play.

Big performance from Hamza coming up! Be interesting to see how Tielemans does against this kind of midfield too.

Brown Nose

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Choudhury is in the team to charge and crunch and he's anonymous. He needs to get into it.

Other than that, we're doing well.


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We're focusing on being solid but at the minute we don't look like we're going to threaten them going forwards.

Working hard though but Man City look focused today. No nerves from them. At least not yet....0-0 after an hour though and they may develop


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Schmeichel's kicking is pissing me off again tonight. I think Rodgers feels the same with his utterance of "for **** sake" after that last kick out of play.


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For f•cks sake, says Brenda as Schmeichel pisses the ball out of play yet again

Quite, Brenda, quite.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  9
Manchester City  7
Arsenal  6
Leicester  5
Manchester Utd  4
Burnley  4
Tottenham   4
Brighton  4
Sheffield Utd  4
10 Palace  4
11 Bournemouth  4
12 Everton  4
13 Chelsea  4
14 West Ham Utd  4
15 Wolves  3
16 Aston Villa  3
17 Norwich City  3
18 Southampton  3
19 Newcastle Utd  3
20 Watford  0