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Pre Match Manchester United v Leicester

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Amartey Morgan Johnson Chilwell
Ndidi Silva
Ricardo Maddison Albrighton

not great considering we won the title 2 seasons ago.

sooner Gray, Maguire, Evans And Vardy are available the better.
and also whoever we are signing from our negative £15m investment this close season.

that said.

1-2 to city. late Josh Gordon winner.


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And for those of us that have no Sky subscription at all?

What is the best price for a Day Pass going for an existing NOW box anyone has come across?
Well there's always the pub.

For new customers NOW TV offers a 14 day free trial of the entertainment package, which handily includes Sky One.

I guess that doesn't help you though.


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And for those of us that have no Sky subscription at all?

What is the best price for a Day Pass going for an existing NOW box anyone has come across?
The normal price is £6.99
But if it's on Sky One you could get a free 14 day trial of their entertainment pack.

There's currently an offer to get 10 months of the sports channels for £180.


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it will be interesting to see Maguire/Vardy attitude/fitness this week. Hopefully fit enough for the bench i would start Johnson over Benaloune and Siva over Iborra. Certainly hope Maddison is fit. Idont think all is well at United, maybe we can exploit thier defensive weakness and sneek a 1-1 draw Vardy

David Gwilliam

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Predicting the team is difficult when we don't know the injury situation. Given the choice of Simpson or Benny I would pick Simpson every time. This will allow Amartey to play centre back. I would have Kalachi and Gray or Shinji up front since I do not believe in lone strikers If Maddison is fit I would play him ahead of Silva or Iborra.

As for Sky I enjoy the atmosphere watching it in a pub although it will not be live. A hobbyhorse of mine - the only Leicester fans watching it live will have travelled to Manchester.


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this is what I think it will be


Ricardo Morgan Evans Chilwell

Iborra NDidi

Gray Maddison Albrighton

Not open for further replies.
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LCFC Twitter

  1. RT @ricbpereira: We didn’t get the win but we take a point on the road 💪🏾 Thanks to the fans for the support once again 👏🏾 @LCFC @premierl

  2. RT @vardy7: 👂🤣⚽️ @LCFC https://t.co/VFvllLdF1m

  3. RT @BenChilwell: Tough game today, good character to come back and get the draw. Congrats @harveybarnes97 on your first goal for the club🔥…

  4. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, #lcfc fans! 👍 https://t.co/j3H0LM5Jqn

  5. A crucial contribution from @Vardy7 today 🔥 He's your #WhuLei Man of the Match! 🏅 https://t.co/T2tZlyh5l5

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