Speculation New kit

Brown Nose

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Leaked online.

To me, this appears to be the perfect kit to wear in a relegation battle, looks cheap and shit.



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Mmmmm I just love the superfluous stitching across the chest and the gold and white arm bands. Fab-u-lous.


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Saw this on Facebook - apparently that website has had leaks for most club's kits.

Hope it's not right for ours though! It's not necessarily a terrible design, just looks so cheaply put together! The needless seam across the the top of the chest/bottom of the V-neck are the worst bit


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Doesn't matter how shit it is nobody will see you wearing it whilst sat at home watching Leicester


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The new Leicestershire cc stuff is much nicer. Which is mental as I have been berating them via social media for their shit shirts and complete lack of fit for purpose online shop.

They seem to be getting their shit together and I would rather support that and buy a shirt than any of the tripe we serve up.


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That’s horrendous. I mean, I don’t buy football shirts anyway these days because I’m a grown man. But ****ing hell.


I can't remember the last time any team had a kit that was well-received. They're all shit really.


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Mmm... I really liked the past two home kits from adidas, this one looks terrible. Who makes these decisions?

A well known Chinese website is advertising this kit from multiple suppliers so it looks like even though they are knock offs the design is legit.

Miles Away

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Some kits are demonstrably better than others (I'll still on occasion grab an away shirt if I like it). This one is genuinely appalling.
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