Next permanent manager

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Why? Genuinely curious.

He took an average Villa side and absolutely ****ing ruined them to the point of being an almost nailed on relegation team

Unlike our twats, their owners knew a **** when they saw one and brought Emery in to turn the exact same bunch of players back to where they should be

Absolutely hated by Villa fans I know
We need rebuilding from scratch. He did it at Rangers FC and I feel he can do the same for us.
In pub leagues with virtually no opposition to speak of.

Got a job in a decent league & failed miserably. He & Lampard are as equally matched as managers as they were as players. Unfortunately as managers that means they're both shite.

Both of them will be on the punditry circuit within a few years as they'll utterly fail as managers wherever they go.

They're up against each other for the title of the new Tim Sherwood.

**** both of them.
We need rebuilding from scratch
Quibble alert: from scratch, no. Significantly, yes. We might need it from scratch but that's not going to happen; too costly and not enough time. The right manager (however one decides that) is going to be key.
Glad you added the FC, I would have otherwise assumed you meant the Texas Rangers
To be fair, they’re having a good season after a rebuild job of their own. Losing deGrom will be a big miss for them though. Not sure how Gerrard would have coped with that loss.
Tomasson or McKenna are the two names that excite me. We are in need of a complete overhaul and a young manager, with some experience, seems the best option in those circumstances.
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