Post Match Nottingham Forest 2 Leicester 0

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Vichai would've done him a year ago no doubt. The signs have been there for a year and a half or so now. It's been down hill since we squandered the Champions League for a second time in a row. Relegation will be as much on Top's hands as Rodgers' for having too much faith in him. Backing him in this window will make things worse for us financially wasting money on players that will lead to the same result of Rodgers getting the boot shortly down the line.

Bin the Gonzalez transfer off, use £10m of that £30m to bin Rodgers off and start looking for the new man. There are some good options coming up. Diego Simeone would be a great fit for the Prem but will probably go to Chelsea when they sack Graham Potter. Graham Potter himself would be a great shout for us here. Pochettino is still out of work and would also be a great shout for us.

Rodgers is right about one thing though. The size of the rebuilding job here looks to be immense. The state of our first 11 is a fkin joke. Our left back is pure shit, wouldnt get into most Championship sides and has two RBs ahead of him in the pecking order for his position. Our #1 CB is Dan Amartey. We signed him as a RB, it is questionable if he was even good enough as one of those and also questionable if he would get into most Championship sides. New signing Wout Faes is growing clumsier by the second. We haven't solved the RW problem since Mahrez left so a RW is also essential. Our star CMs are both wantaways and the contracts on many of our players are winding down... the mismanagement has been astounding from the very top tbf.


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We stink to high heaven on and off the pitch, and have done since well before the season started

This is now simply the end of game of where we have looked like heading all season long



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Oh.. dreary me.

Thinking this is the end then, it’s been coming but I’ve refused to believe it.

Not a hope of picking up points in our upcoming games. Team is devoid of any confidence.

Brown Nose

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We deserved that. Gutless bunch of pussies.

Top, Whelan, Rudkin and Rodgers - AWOL from their responsibilities for far too long now.


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Thanks for the FA Cup Brendan but I think it's time for you to move on now.

We are down to bare bones but the style of play and attitude is all wrong.

Brown Nose

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Harvey Barnes - two fantastic chances - fluffed them both.

Brennan Johnson - two fantastic chances - took them both.

That's the game really.

Aside from that, it was two really, really poor sides wasting everybody's time with piss poor football not worthy of the top league in the country.


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Brighton fans seem to think he played boring football and their new man is getting their players to play to their full potential.
And judging by their recent form they are right. They looked good under Potter. They look much better now.

Singapore Fox

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We deserved that. Gutless bunch of pussies.

Top, Whelan, Rudkin and Rodgers - AWOL from their responsibilities for far too long now.
They all have one thing in common. Have never dealt with adversity at this club. Have no backbone or character any of them to dig us out of this. The latter is just taking the piss and will as long as no one pulls the trigger.


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I didn’t believe in ghosts until today. But I have to believe now after witnessing the one who played up front for us today for 95 mins.
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