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Notts County in serious trouble

pork pie fox

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A friend of mine, who's a season ticket holder at County, told me about this a couple of weeks ago. He wasn't confident.


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I've been reading about Notts County over the last, dunno exactly, year maybe or so? There's been trouble of one sort or another there for quite some time. The owner seems to have his own ideas and ways of doing things that not everyone approves of (shall we say) He seems to run into one problem after another, whether that's of his own doing or not, I know not, but suffice it to say he's not the most popular of owners.

Brown Nose

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I'm usually pretty dismissive of small clubs troubles. Survival of the fittest and all that.

However, Notts County are not a small club. They had the third highest average attendance in League Two last season, despite an awful team and hopeless leadership.

There are not a lost cause of a club. They have been terribly screwed by a absolute imbecile of an owner.

I remember many a trip to County, and terrific entertainment when their former chairman Pavis took against us. Back in 1994, when we beat Derby in the play off final, County were just outside the play off places. For some reason, they collapsed a bit after that and have never really recovered.

I wish them well.


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At one point a few years ago it looked like they would potentially be In the same league as Forest, which would have been ****ing hilarious.
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