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I don't think we have a thread for them.

They won again today with Top there watching. They're now in top position in their second division and looking good.

Since ditching the embarrassment that it Nigel Pearson they've gone from strength to strength. Our former head of recruitment, Rob McKenzie, has been instrumental in recruiting their current squad and there is a strong possibility that they have players that will one day be Leicester ones. We only have one of our players there this year - Kamal Sowah, a 19 year old midfielder who did nothing under NP but has been a revelation this year. We signed him on a 4.5 year deal in Jan 18 and he's in Belgium getting experience and a work permit.

I think that there is some merit in keeping an eye on their progress this season.


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Saw a guy in an OHL shirt walking around Orlando International on Friday. I was in my pink LCFC one. King Power got a lot of advertising in US airports this weekend.

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So, an update.

Thanks to Vincent Kompany being diabolical at managing, they've taken the man who has been overseeing the improvements at OHL - Frank Verceuteren - and it appears that OHL have collapsed somewhat since.

2-3 and 1-3 defeats since this occurred. There is still a chance that they could finish top at the end of the first phase of the season (the promotion system is absurd), however they need to get back to winning ways quickly.

Here is yesterday's defeat:


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TeamMPWDLFADPLast 5 matchesH2H
Previous rank: 6
OH Leuven11713199+1022WLLWW
Previous rank: 8
Previous rank: 2
Excelsior Virton11704206+1421LWWLW
Previous rank: 7
Union Saint-Gi…115421612+419LDDWW
Previous rank: 1
Previous rank: 4
Previous rank: 3
KSV Roeselare112271025-158WWLLL
Previous rank: 5
There are two parts to a season - each one finishes after 14 matches. The side at the top of each part goes into a play off for promotion. If the same side finishes top both times, they automatically go up.

So, OHL need to hang on at the top for three more rounds of matches to at least secure that play off place.

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A peculiar situation last night. OHL had their penultimate match in the first part of the season at home. They need to win their final two matches to finish top of the table and guarantee a play off spot for promotion.

Their floodlights kept failing during the match and it was abandoned just before the hour. If the club are responsible for this failing, they forfeit the match which pretty much scuppers their chances. If they can prove that it was out of their control, the game will need to be replayed.


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If OHL win on Friday, they win the section. If they lose, they're stuffed no matter what happens re lights. A draw and it all depends on the decision.

It's a Belgiun bun fight.

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