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Not playing Perez has restored a balance to the side, I hope BR keeps playing the same side fatigue and fitness depending. two very hard games ahead in the Premiere league with Wolves and Liverpool.


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He was absolutely awful in the performances I saw him play this season. Woeful. Hopefully he works hard to get back to where he can be.


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He’s been really poor all season. And I thought he was a smart signing.
Agreed. He came back after lock down and looked like our best player for a few games. In reality, he was the only one that turned up when the others couldn't be arsed. This season however, everyone had stepped up, he just hasn't. Shame, I have made no secret of the fact I think he is a good footballer - I still think that, but he has been pretty much useless every time he has played this season.

City Fan

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Perez was a poor signing. He's a second striker or number 10 and we don't have any need for either in our systems.

Not only is he not good enough for the first team, you wouldn't ever bring him on to make a difference either.

He doesn't affect enough games and he doesn't have any improvement in him.
Agreed, odd signing.

Miles Away

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Some of us thought he was great. Until we got some quality players in.

I thought he played the Okazaki role well. Under appreciated and we always seemed to play better as a side with him in it. I’m sure he started most of the games during our winning run.

But he looks lost this year.


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Play him as the main striker and we would be ok. Play Vardy as the main striker and he is world class.


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He's never been good for us to be honest.

He's not a bad player, but we play him out of position which makes things worse.

We should move him on whilst we can get some money back for him and re-invest in an actual winger/wide player.


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He's got an incredible feet, his close control is top drawer stuff. Watch him around the box - he's a bit clever... sometimes too clever. If you want someone to unlock a defence then he is one such player - in theory anyway. On the minus side, he can disappear and his work rate isn't the best. He needs to get himself involved more.

Maybe we are playing him out of position, or not to his strengths, but I do think we ought move him on whilst we can get a few quid for him. He just doesn't fit in our setup.

City Fan

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He’s shite.


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He’s shite.
He really isn't. That's the point. He showed yesterday that he has great feet, can keep the ball and is really creative. The problem is his consistency. Like I said, after lockdown he was great but this season, other than yesterday, he has been rubbish. It doesn't help that he's been shoved out wide most of the time but that's not an excuse for not being able to pass a ball 5 yards. There is a really good player in there but I'm not sure he's ever going to be consistent enough unless he's played as an out and out striker and that ain't happening with us.

I can see him moving on come January and I think someone will get a very good player but he's just not working out for us at the moment.


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Losing his place might focus him a bit. There is definitely a good player in there.

Profondo Rosso

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How many of the current squad have been written off only to come back and prove people wrong?

It's a squad game, especially this truncated season when we want to be competing in Europe too.

He'll play his part and have some cracking games this season, no doubt.
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