Players that have done your head in.

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Miles Away

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I was ruminating on how much I can’t stand watching Danny Ward play football. My contempt is unreasonable and the bloke is just doing his best.

Got me thinking about which City players have had that effect on me.

Paul Konchesky springs to mind. Brian Carey. Lee Phillpott. Lee Marshall, Alan Rogers.

We’ve had loads and loads of shit players over the years, but I think there’s a difference between a player being shit and a player that you just can’t stomach. Not sure what the definition is, but you hopefully know what I mean.

So which player has made you most annoyed watching in a Leicester shirt? For me Danny Ward is way up there.


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Perez, Gray, Thomas, Howard and even Kasper at times.


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German Breakfast. Was obvious every time he stepped in the pitch that he didn’t want to be here.


That **** Wise heads the list for me. Not only for his off-the-pitch antics (though primarily) I thought it an odd signing in the first place, a pay cheque for him and tbh I never thought he gave a shit and played like it. I also hated geezers and 'monster monster' twats.

Biffa Bacon

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For players that spent a significant time at the club mine will be massively controversial, I never liked Andy King. Another player that I could never warm to was Stefan Oakes.

pork pie fox

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Obvious answer = Wise
Player who I really didn't like how he played = Ben Thatcher
Player I didn't like because he was monumentally shit = Lee Marshall

Blue Maniac

Alzheimers sufferer
…Danny Cadamarteri, Iain Hume, Mark de Vries, Alan Maybury, Peter Canero, Rufus Brevett, Darren Kenton, Shaun Newton…


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That **** Wise heads the list for me.
Oh FFS now look what you’ve done. I thought I’d forgotten about that odious little **** but no. You had to go and bring it all back up. Back to the therapist I guess.


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Gally, the soft bastard
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